Why oh why won't mamas and papas refund???

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In my experience trying to get mamas and papas to refund on goods is like trying to get blood out of a stone and I have now had to take 3 prams back due to faults/safety issues:

The first pram i had a problem with was the luna which i bought in may 2007 when my son was 3 months old. At first i didnt really notice any problems but i thought it a bit strange how his spine was curved at a bit of an odd angle when in lie flat mode but i thought it was just me being picky.

The real problems with the luna started 3 months after we bought the pram and my son wanted to sit up and see the world...the first problem was he couldn't sit up and i needed to put rolled up blankets down the sides of him to stop him slouching to one side (another thing i think could be damaging to a young babys' spine)

The second problem we had was the floating harness which i think is fine if you have a nice deep seat for the baby to sit in but the poor design of the luna's seat which was rediculously too small to sit on and also tilted slightly forward which meant that on one occasion (when my wriggly baby decided to play houdini out of his straps) he was left hanging out of the pushchair by the 3 point harness as i got off a bus. I immediately took the pram back to mamas and papas,explained what had happened and was told that i hadnt strapped him in properly and so i was at fault (What kind of mother does not strap a 6 month old baby into thier pushchair correctly?!!) I asked them to show me the correct way to strap him in and showed her how he was usually strapped in to which her reply was that is fine how you've done it...if its already fine then it's not my fault?

After 30 mins of trying to agree to replace/refund the pram i left with a free bumper bar which i was assured would help-it didnt.

On 1st december 2007 after we got rid of the luna we bought a pulse which i adored the look of, deep seat, fixed harness, large hood... i couldn't fault it. By 21st december the frame had completely bent and therefore one of the wheels didnt touch the ground properly so the buggy went to be 'repaired and serviced' we were given an aria as a loan pushchair but this too was faulty and had to be taken back within 3 days as the brake kept slipping and clicking as we walked...we were given another loan buggy,this time a pulse-in disgusting condition with a split in the handles and filthy but we were assured our buggy would be back in 2 weeks so we made do. When our pram came back on 2nd January it hadnt even been fixed and so we demanded a refund (having had enough of m&p by this point) and they said they could offer us part payment towards another pram but no refund so in the end after 40 mins and realising we were going to get nowhere with the refund we chose the ziko alfie in petit canari due to the umbrella fold. When we got to the part payment mamas and papas tried to get us to keep the footmuff/liner we'd bought with the pulse (an extra £30) my husband said no way as we'd have no need for it (with the alfie being complete with one) In the end they relectantly agreed and so we have our alfie...

Which is now in being repaired as the brakes have failed. They tried to pretend there was no fault when it was very obvious and spent about 10 mins trying to get the brake to stay on-why on earth they didnt just believe me in the first place i'll never know. We have been told it will be fixed and fully serviced but after all my dealings with them i dont even know whether to believe this, to be honest i've lost all faith in them now.
On another note we got the dirty pulse with the split foam handle back as the loan buggy again but since january someone has had a go at the hood so now that is all bent too and it 'vibrates' when you push it!
A very good indication of how mamas and papas value its customers?

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