Why promotional branded fridge magnets work so well for business.

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Sample Promotional Custom Printed Fridge Magnets
How to put an advertising billboard up inside your customers house
 When you place an advert in a paper, post a leaflet or even advertise through various online mediums, would you expect your customer to look at your advert 15,000 times and on a daily basis? Bear with me here, because you may be  surprised by what I’m going to tell you.

As a marketing and advertising agency, we provide many traditional and digital forms of marketing for our customers. Whilst there is a huge pre-occupation with digital marketing methods, mobile apps, targeted online advertising and social media you may be surprised to know  that one of the simplest, most effective and affordable marketing tools you can use for your business is in fact a custom-printed branded fridge magnet.
Particularly if your market is householders (consumers)

Consider how often you head to the fridge in your own home....

According to a research project conducted at the American Purdue University, the average person visits a fridge 10 – 12 times a day. So for a family of 4 that means your advert on a promotional branded fridge magnet would be viewed 300 times a week or 15,000 times a year. That’s 15.000 views of your advert in the heart of a customers’ home…..so again could you match that with a newspaper advert or a leaflet?

But one of the most surprising statistics is that the average household will keep a promotional branded fridge magnet a staggering 6 – 8 years. People simply don’t like to throw them away.

That in effect is the lowest cost per brand impression in the advertising industry. 

Particularly when you consider some promotional branded magnets are less than 10p per unit.
Providing your customers with a custom branded fridge magnet is like placing a billboard right inside your customer’s home…one they see over 15,000 times per year.   That makes branded promotional fridge magnets a powerful marketing tool. The next time then you are thinking of placing adverts, having leaflets printed and distributed or are
considering spending money on marketing…consider the above facts.
If you want to remind existing customers to call you or return for your services….or you want to
generate new business, then think of the longevity or fridge magnets and their low cost per brand
impression…..after all no other form of advertising lasts as long!

For more information and to start using these great promotional tools contact us at brandedmagnets today  on 01744 808383 / 07863 207785
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