Why sellers marked up the postage price

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Hello, I have sold a fair amount of items on ebay on a few accounts, basically, I have come to realise of late that Ebay is now a buyers paradise, free postage although not neccesarily a bad thing is thrust upon us unwillingly.

First and foremost ebay for sellers is about making profit, otherwise the whole thing is pointless, I think sellers that have a huge postage mark up are a disgrace but I used to try and mark up postage by 50 pence or so, at the end of the day, this would cover fees, perhaps 'illegal' in some peoples eyes but there wont be any sellers some time soon, ebay is making it harder and harder for sellers to make any money and the addition of not being able to leave negative feedback for a seller is terrible, shocking.

Yes you can give them an unpaid item strike...... -.- but who will give you back the 5-10 days you waited for that item to sell only for it not to be paid for, time is money, time is precious, then you have to relist, although very simple, its still extra work to do, at least negative feedback was a deterrant for rogue buyers.

Also you sell on auction and its like 5-6% of total price they take,,,, SO THEY SAY IF YOUR WORRIED ABOUT NOT GETTING THE PRICE FOR IT PUT IT ON 'BUY IT NOW'!! which takes 10% of final selling price, oh yes, we are being herded into the higher bracket for the ebay monster to feed on our profits (If you are making any).

Now, after paying ebay, you also pay paypal a fee too hahahaha who is owned by ebay. its a joke.

I hope somebody breaks the monopoly ebay have, Im sure somebody will, ebay is a laughing stock now, great for buyers oh yes, but sellers have been penalised and made to accept PAYPAL ONLY in some categories, guess what? more money for ebay yay, they say it protects the buyer, which it does in a way but if somebody has 2000 feedback 100% positive, has been selling for years and accepting cheques and perhaps other methods of payment, suddenly.. they HAVE TO ACCEPT PAYAPAL, why oh why must this happen, its a disgrace.

Ebay will play the safety card, nobody can argue with that 'apprently' but they are priming themselves for a rival auction site to blow them out of the water as the fees, paired with the red tape for sellers and with the inability to penalise rogue buyers that never intend to pay is a recipe for its downfall, I hope ebay falls on its own sword and the arrogant beast that it is becomes more humble and starts to allow the sellers to make some money again, 5% or 10% of anyones items is just a disgrace, I reccomend you to sell on gumtree.com, its a free website to sell on, although its woned by ebay as well haha at least they wont be getting your money.

I think you may now be able to understand why sellers may charge 50p extra for postage :).



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