Why use ebay tools 'Turbo Lister & Selling Manager Pro'

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Ebay Tools,  Should you shouldn't you?  Well heres an intresting subject.  Are ebays selling tools really worth using?  Well? Are They?

No Seriously What Do You Think? 


Yes & No!!!! I know what your now thinking.  I bet your saying to your self well this guide is helpful well actually it is.  You see what i am trying to tell you is that to really no if any of the selling tools will benefit you is to actually try using them for youself. 

I personally find Ebays Selling Manger Pro very usefull and time saving espicially its feedback system.  This can be setup to automatically leave feedback for your buyers as soon as they leave positive feedback for you.  You can also set it up to automatically send a reminder to any buyer who hasn't left you feed back after a ceratain amount of days ie after 3 days.

I am also finding ebays turbo lister very usefull.  This clever tool allows you to setup all your days listing whilst your not even connected to the internet.  you can then upload all your items for the day whenever you get chance. 

An heres were mixing the two together can save you alot of money over time.  If you using turbo lister to list your items you can set your listings to automatically start at a certain time for example you might find that in your praticular niche market items sell better at 8.00pm then you can set all your items to start at 8.00.  You can also set them to start 5, 10, 15 mins apart and so on AND heres the best bit, if your a selling manager pro subscriber you can set listing times at NO EXTRA cost!

So to answer the question should you shouldn't you?  I think, Why not give it a try!

For more information on ebays turbo lister please click this link - Turbo Lister

For more information on ebays Selling Manager Pro please click this link - Selling Manager Pro

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