Why we love Game of Thrones

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We witnessed the epic battle of Castle Black, Joffery is no more, Jon Snow is on a mission and Tyrion Lannister is awaiting his fate. Oh yes, Game Of Thrones season 4 has delivered. So with the season finale next week we are expecting some serious drama.

Just in case you’re not too excited yet, show bosses are touting this as its best season finale ever. We. Can't. Wait. Here’s the 10 reasons why we love Game of Thrones.
All the leading ladies

From power mother Catelyn Stark to mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen, we love the strong female leads in Game of Thrones. Medieval fancy dress has never been so inspiring.

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It shouldn’t be good but it is

On paper GoT sounds like one for the Games Workshop geeks, but its brutal power play between rival families desperate to rule the Westeros kingdoms keeps us hooked.

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Yes, GoT has dragons, but this is no Dungeons & Dragons. The story of Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons is one of the most compelling parts of the show. Those dragons rock, just like this replica dragon egg paperweight.

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The iron throne

The Tyrells, the Lannisters, the Baratheons, everyone wants a piece of the Iron Throne. Luckily, you can rule Westeros from your lav with this genius Iron Throne-inspired toilet wall art. Want. It.

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Epic one-liners

 ‘Crows before hoes’, ‘Winter is coming’, ‘You know nothing, Jon Snow’. We love the one-liners in GoT, so hurrah for the awesome array of Thrones quote t-shirts. 

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Drinking games

GoT has the funniest drinking game potential of any telly show ever. Drink when a limb is dismembered, drink when Hodor says ‘Hodor’, drink when Daenerys calls herself Mother of Dragons...

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Tyrion Lannister

Who doesn’t love the pint-sized prince? Sure, he’s flawed and has a dependency on drink and women, but he’s also clever, cunning and most importantly in a show where ruthlessness rules, he has a heart.

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Main characters get killed

GoT is not afraid to kill off your favourites. Major characters die and every time you think you’ve got the story sussed it twists unexpectedly.

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Jon Snow t-shirt

Jon Snow is the eye candy of Game Of Thrones, but more than that he has come into his own in Season 4. He’s definitely one to watch. 

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The best is yet to come

It’s four seasons in and we still haven’t got to the best bit. The zombie-like baddies, the White Walkers, are coming from the North and Daernarys and her dragons are still travelling to Westeros to unleash hell and claim the throne.

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