Wide Fit shoes? Regular Fit Shoes?

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Look closely at the numbers...

Some of us ladies have wide feet; and some brands make their shoes slightly more narrow than others. So it is essential you get the numbers right before you make a purchase online.
For example, UK8 regular is EU41. These shoes are usually narrower. Ladies with wide feet will have to look for UK9. But UK9 shoes are not easily available.
At some point someone in the industry must have noticed and make a change.
One of the high street shops my girls love to go to is Primark; they are really pleased to find the shoes are now made wider. How do they tell?
If you look at the size of shoes and it reads UK8 EU42 (or UK7 EU41, UK 6 EU40; and so on), it means that the shoes are made wider; which is great news for ladies with wide feet! With Primark doing wide fitting shoes, it is  a sign that wide fit shoes are becoming a norm. I have noticed that New Look has follow suit, M&S has done it for a long time; Next has the wide fit range just so to avoid confusion. ASOS, Topshop and Zara still stick to the old system where UK8 is still EU41. When you are out and about; don't forget to read the numbers.
So if you are not sure, or a online seller does not state EU size, it is best to ask before purchase. Hope this helps.
As for women with wide fit (or like myself, have bunions); it is truly good news that I can find more design in my size; it used to be just boring black pumps that is available but now the sky's the limit and shopping for shoes is fun again.
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