Wigan Athletic Ticket Buying Guide

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Wigan Athletic Ticket Buying Guide

Located in Greater Manchester, Wigan Athletic is a professional English football club playing in the Premier League. Calling DW Stadium their home since 1999, Wigan Athletic shares this location with the rugby club Wigan Warriors. The "Latics", as Wigan fans fondly call the club, spent 67 years in Springfield Park before the move. Each football season, fans of Wigan Athletic take to the stadium in the familiar blue and white club colours. While old-timers already know the best seats in the stadium, many of the new fans have yet to discover them for themselves.

Those who are serious about supporting their home club should take the time to understand the different types of tickets available. For away fans, it is crucial to know every nook and cranny of the DW Stadium in terms of facilities and parking to ensure maximum enjoyment. Additionally, they must know of the different ways to get to the stadium as well. Lastly, true fans should have a brief overview of Wigan Athletic in the form of fun facts.

Wigan Athletic Tickets

Fans who want to catch the game should purchase Wigan Athletic tickets. The following is a quick guide on the different types of tickets available for sale.


Ticket prices vary depending on the particular stand that one's seat is situated. The stands for home fans and visiting supporters are separated from each other. In the DW Stadium, the home fans normally occupy the East, West, and South stands, while the visiting supporters occupy the North stand. The following is a short table that details the location of the different stands.

Stand Name



Springfield Stand



Boston Stand



Family Stand



Visiting Supporters Stand



The most affordable tickets are located in the Family Stand, while the Springfield and Boston stands are the most expensive. Within the stands, the fan may choose to seat himself or herself within the central, inner, or outer area. The central area is the most expensive, while the outer area is the most affordable.


Aside from the seat type, the price also varies based on the category of the game. Football games are generally classified as Category A, Category B, or Category C. Category A refers to games that pit the home team against a popular away team or vice versa. This category often has to do with the overall fan demand, which drives up the prices.

Concessionary Tickets

Fans who are under 16 or over 65 years old may avail themselves of the concession prices on the tickets. Children under five years old may get in the game for free as long as they are with an adult ticket holder. When buying concessionary tickets, bring identification along with proof of age or status.

Season Tickets

Season tickets are available for fans that enjoy catching all the games of Wigan Athletics. Because these are purchased in bulk, the price per piece becomes heavily discounted. Season tickets include family tickets that are seats for two grown-ups and two children. From time to time, the DW stadium rolls out special offers for their season tickets.

Wigan Athletic Home Stadium

Before the DW stadium became home to Wigan Athletic, it was first called the JJB stadium. Completed in 1999, this stadium has a seating capacity of over 25,168 people. The DW stadium is an all-seater arena with terrace structuring. Its field is made from 98 per cent natural grass with irrigation and a heating system to prevent frost. Fans who get there early can choose to dine in the Rigalettos Italian restaurant while waiting for the game to start. Stadium facilities can also be rented out for conferences, events, celebrations, weddings, receptions, and more.

Getting There

There are many ways to get to the DW Stadium. The easiest way is to hop in the car and key in "WN5 0UN" or "WN5 0UZ" in the vehicle's satellite navigation. The first option brings the person to the Soccer Dome on Stadium Way, which is near the Car Parks 1, 3, 4, and 5, while the second option brings the person to the main reception. The stadium's precise address is located at Loire Drive, Newtown.

When travelling by train, make a stop at either Wigan Wallgate or Wigan Northern Western. Taking a taxi to DW Stadium is easy from any of these stops. If travelling by air, touchdown at Liverpool John Lennon, Manchester International, or Blackpool International airport. Renting a car or taking a taxi to the stadium can be done from any of these.


Fans who plan on bringing transportation to the event may choose to park in Car Park 1 or Car Park 3, which are both pay parking. Car Park 4, on the other hand, is free to use but fills up quickly. This is often closed an hour before the game. Car Park 2 and Car Park 5, on the other hand, are both reserved parking. For persons with disability, the parking must be arranged with the stadium prior to the game. Overall, there are 2000 parking spaces that may be used around the stadium.

Disabled Supporters

DW Stadium provides designated platforms for persons with disability, specifically those that are fully confined to their wheelchair. These platforms have their own toilets, catering facilities, and lifts. Seats for personal assistants are provided at the end of each platform.

As for the visually impaired and the ambulant supporters, there are limited spots per stand that are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Headsets for the visually impaired are also limited so it is best to come early.

Food and Accommodations

For away fans who are visiting to the support their team, there are plenty of pubs and restaurants in the area to dine in before or after the game. Places that are less than a kilometre away from the stadium are The Red Robin, Prince of Wales Hotel, The Belle Vue Inn, The Douglas Bank, Brickmakers Arms, Queens Arms, Springfield Hotel, and Currys, among others. Some of these pubs are located in a hotel or an inn, which is perfect for those who plan to spend the night.

Facts About Wigan Athletic

While junior fans may still be a bit foggy on the details of their favourite club, hardcore fans know these by heart. Below are some facts that all Wigan Athletic fans should know.

  • Wigan Athletic is one of the youngest clubs in the Premier League
  • The DW Stadium cost 30,000,000 pounds to construct
  • Wigan Athletic's longest rivalry has been with Chorley, but the last game they played against each other was in 1978
  • Current club rivalries include the Bolton Wanderers and the Preston North End
  • The DW Stadium is named after the chairman Dave Whelan's company called "DW Sports Fitness"

How to Buy Wigan Athletic Tickets on eBay

Football fans who are looking for tickets on eBay can start searching by typing their search keywords on the search field located at every page. For instance, type in "Wigan Athletic tickets" to look for sellers who are offering them. Some offer season tickets, while others sell tickets for single games. For people who do not like long lines at the ticket booth, purchasing their Wigan Athletic tickets on eBay is a good alternative.

For visiting supporters who have to book their accommodations, rentals, or travel just to catch a game, eBay is a website that they can do all these things at the same time. Not only is there no need to go on multiple websites or ticket offices, there are also those that offer their tickets below face value.

Before purchasing football tickets from the seller, it is important to check if he or she is authorised to sell these tickets. Under the UK law, it is illegal to resell football tickets without written authorisation from the home club. To know if you are dealing with an authorised seller, check for an eBay logo indicating this on the seller's profile.

Lastly, exercise caution. Check the seller's feedback rating to see if other people have had a positive experience with him or her. Ideally, the feedback rating should be 99 per cent or higher. Ask about their refund policy on the tickets. And if you have further questions, make sure to ask them all before buying the tickets. Doing all of these can ensure that you have a hassle-free experience when purchasing your tickets.


For fans who grew up cheering Wigan Athletic, there are many ways to watch the game in support of their home team. For starters, fans can purchase single game tickets, season tickets, and family tickets, among others. For the home fans, their seats are situated in the Springfield, Boston, and Family stands. Away fans, on the other hand, can find their seats in the North stand. Within the stands, fans may also choose among different areas: inner, outer, and centre. The better the view, the more expensive the seats.

Concessionary tickets, however, are available for children, elderly, and persons with disability. There are also facilities for persons with disability that allow them to enjoy the game even with their special conditions. Consider purchasing the Wigan Athletic football tickets from authorised sellers on eBay for an easy, secure, and hassle-free transaction. With just a couple of clicks, the tickets can arrive at one's doorstep in the next few days.

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