Wildings: White paper or cream paper?

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Do you know the difference between white paper and cream paper? How can you tell the difference?

I  recently bought from a dealer I might add, a selection of crowns watermarks describing them as cream paper but to my dismay only one appeared to be cream paper.

You cannot distinguish the paper shades with single stamps as white paper can fade over time giving the impression they are cream paper. The stamps I bought were printed on paper whiter than snow so shame on that dealer for getting it completely wrong.

When wildings were printed years ago the paper merchants could not guarantee the same shade of paper all the time as it was almost impossible.

The only true way of telling if a stamp was printed on cream paper is to buy a plate block of stamps with the cylinder number on the side of the block. For an easy example take a 1/2d orange multi crowns watermark, cylinder number 2 was only ever printed on cream paper, even the perforations can be a clue as well. Cylinder no' 1 perforation type B, cream paper, cylinder no' 1 perforation type A, white paper. As the meerkat would say "simple innit".

I would therefore suggest when buying wildings described as cream paper you ask the seller how they came to this conclusion if they are single stamps.

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