Will And Grace Buying Guide

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I have been following the listing of Will And Grace for more than one years and know that the price of each seasons rise and fall throughout the year. Generally season 7 & 8 are the most expensive ones (Usually sell around 10-12 pounds) while Season 1 and 2 can sell as low as 2 pounds.

If you are planning to own all 8 seasons of W & G, there are at least 3 different "package".

1  All 8 seasons packed in a big black box. This is the most expensive one. If you are very  lucky, you can get it  below 60 pounds.

2  All seasons packed in a red box. This is actually asian special edition. This one is much cheaper. You can get it  for 38 pounds if you're lucky.  

3  The last option is to buy all seasons seperately. You could save some money if you got the cheap one. Beware that some seller's photo showing all seperate boxes for his listing while what you get is the red box i mentioned  above.

This includes
A. UK DVD for each seasons
B. Special Asian Edition for each seasons.

I notice that many people only choose to bid on low price item. This is not bad but many of them end up paying higher price than even "Buy It Now" price! That's because they are so into bidding that they don't realise the price is way too high already, or just their competitive nature taken over. That caused some cheaper item ends without buyer!
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