Will Gold and Silver prices rise in 2014?

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The spot price of Gold and Silver plays a large role in determining the price of a piece of fine jewellery made out of these metals. Similarly, it is the value of the metal in a piece that determines second hand value. Whilst costume jewellery made of base metal retains little value once purchased, Gold and Silver jewellery maintain a huge majority of its value. Besides the beauty of these materials, it is this retention of value that makes fine jewellery a worthy investment in times of economic hardship.
With economic forecasts predicting stable growth for the UK economy in 2014, you might be misled into thinking that the gold and silver price may go into decline. However, given the slowing of output in China's manufacturing output, are we soon to see a burst in China's growing economy similar to the one we have all felt the effects of in the UK? If so, investors with little faith in their market look to invest in solid, tangible investments like Gold and Silver. It is this reason that 2008-2013 saw such rapid growth in the spot price of precious metals, as those wishing to safeguard their assets scrambled to buy these metals, increasing demand and prices with it.
Whilst this has slowed in western economies as investors see the green shoots of economic recovery, if China suffers a similar fate it is undoubted that the price of Gold will rise even higher. In fact, Merrill Lynch forecasts that Gold could be worth $2000 dollars an ounce by the end of 2016, partially driven by eastern investment. This is in comparison to today's(10/03/2014) price of gold per ounce of $1388.
What this means for someone wishing to preserve the value of any fine jewellery they buy is that now is a great time to buy. In fact, buy gold and silver jewellery now and there's a good chance of even making money on what you paid, just a few years from now!
All of the items we sell are made of Gold, Silver or other precious metals.
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*The gold and silver price may go down as well as up and bears risk. *Anyone interest in investing in Gold, Silver or precious metals should treat this as a guide, not as advice. *This guide will not produce any liability if you act on any information contained and lose money with a declining metal price.
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