Will selling e-books on eBay make you RICH ????

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eBay has been subject to thousands of listings advertising or selling get rich quick schemes. Why do we get sucked in and how can we be sure that it is real?

Well, allow me to make one thing clear, THERE IS NO WAY TO RICH QUICK.

Many of these adverts are not scams, but do invovle lots of work and hard selling through e-mails , junk faxes , door to door selling. I guess the popular method which thousands of eBayers are doing is selling e-books. Yes, in principle it sounds like a great idea, no shipping costs as the item are sent by e-mail, no storage costs as they are digital.

But , I have to ask the question who actually buys them. Let me tell you a fact, the people who buy this ebooks are only doing so with the intention of selling them on. Come on, think about ! Who needs a ebook explaining them how to play golf or how to maintain their garden ?? We are all hooked up to the internet which has thousands of pages of information all for free. So with that in mind , we can see that there are a lot of people searching for the "wonder Product " which will make them a million quid.

I still don't understand how selling these e-books would make you a million. Most are selling for 1p. That's 1 million sales for a million quid!  With millions of eBay users worldwide , you might be thinking that is achievable .IT IS NOT !!!

 How much does it cost you to list them?

How much time did you spend on it?


Remember there will always be someone else selling your same e-book. Especially if you bought it from eBay, you could find thousands of sellers selling the same ebook. Reselling of these ebooks will not make you rich.

If you actually design and authored your own , you might have a chance of selling a few hundred, but as with all the ebook selling rights are sold with each one, by the end of your first week , you will have staturated your market with too many sellers selling your same product.

You sell one copy, they sell it to 10 others who in turn sell it 5 others . If all of them are selling them on eBay , from you just selling one copy , there would be 5000 people selling the same ebook .

This could easily happen within 24 hours. All for selling one ebook . Sales of 1p! You would not even get your money back.

Can you get rich by selling ebooks, I don't believe you can. If you have, please let me know and send me how you did it. I post your writings at the bottom below.



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