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Unfortunately, I have shared the same experience as you I recently bought a LCD from then and it cost me £125 there attitude was rubbish as i asked if i could send a postal order For the designated amount they then replied yes and this is not the best of it. They then left me dangling for a good 3 weeks without even contacting me to say that a postal order had arrived. I then threatened to take them to court and then they suddenly replied threatening me (Man do they not have any good customer service skills at all) They then guaranteed me it would arrive which i cannot fault them because it did but after i had already opened an item not received case there was not much i could do to overcome the fact that the T.V. did not work. I then contacted them and because of the other things i could not pay for my account was closed but i have contacted ebay and opened another on strict conditions. I have had no response whatsoever so i would advise anyone thinking to buy or bid from them DON'T.




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