Wind up bike torches

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All wind up torches are not the same!

Most wind up bke torches are simply standard wind up torches that have been given a bracket to fix to the bike. They are all rather large and not designed for the specific purpose of cycling. They are also often lower range models and as a result only have a relatively inefficient generator system that will usually give about 15 mins of light  for every minute of winding. They are also usually very big!

TCL have designed a light specifically for cycling which is called the 'Bike micro light'. As you can see from the picture above it is very small indeed. You would think that it would not be able to compete with the larger models, however, this particular design has a super efficient 3 phase dynamo system which means you get more light for less winding. In this case 1 minute of winding can give up to 90 minutes of illumination. On a full charge it will give 5 hours of continuous light. This is very high performance for such a small torch. It is in fact the smallest wind up bike light in the world.

The bike micro light is available singly as a a front light with white LEDs or it can be purchased as a twin set with the rear light having red LEDs.  The handlebar clamp is included for easy fixing to your bike. In the twin set the clamp is included to fit the rear lamp to the frame. There are 3 light modes where you can select 1 LED, 3 LED or 3 LED blinking.

The Bike micro light can also be easily detached from your bike and used as a standard torch





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