Wind up gramophone needles and springs

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Wind up gramophones often need replacement springs and the steel needles used to play the records should only be used once , use more than once and you risk damaging the record !

Never leave a  gramophone spring fully wound when you go to bed , the spring is fully wound in a warm room , the temperature in the room falls , the spring contracts on cooling , BUT it can't contract as it is fully wound , result a loud bang in the night , what was it ? you don't know until you try to use the gramophone , gramophones should never be left fully wound or unwound , fully wound BANG , unwound and on display , someone will spin the turntable , which will trash the spring by turning it back on itself . Always leave the gramophone after playing a record with slight tension

If you are buying a phonograph reproducer  on Ebay it is a good idea to find out whether it has  a glass or a sapphire stylus , in our opinion glass styli although cheaper  are a poor investment as they damage more easily than sapphire and will wear quicker , always check before you buy .

Many reproduction horn gramophones are sold on Ebay , often as original , don't get caught out ! See our Gramophone Advice page below  for a link to some pictures of typical repros whihc have been offered  on Ebay , most have HMV or Victor transfers .



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