Windows 7 RC1

Like if this guide is helpful

So who's excited about the release of Windows 7?

I have testing windows 7 Beta for since its been released, now just installed RC1,

What can i say, it is fantistic, runs better than Vista SP1 even at beta stage and the RC is better still

Boots up quckier, runs faster and more stable.

I have been able to use most software i have tried so far.

Adobe CS4 works very well

MS Office 2007 Works

Steam games work

Most new games work,

Skype and Live IM works.

I simply can't wait to put Vista to rest and get windows 7.

Rumers are microsoft are planning a ocotober 09 release.

If you havent tried the Beta/RC yet, give it a go its easy to install and most drivers install automaticlly.


Take a look at PC building guide, for have a Fully ready windows 7 PC.

Current release version is 7100 at time of writing this


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