Windows Vista Beta 2

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I have just read a review from an ebayer criticising purchasers of the Vista Beta 2 previews saying - wrongly - that anyone can just download it from Microsoft. (Does he want to keep the price down so that he can buy a copy cheaper?) Windows have released Beta 2 to a select audience, such as system builders (such as myself) and softweare developers.  It is not available for download for just anybody and the download period, I believe, is now finished.  I could not download because of problems at Microsoft's end (probably due to capacity issues) and ordered my copies direct from Microsoft for £10 + postage each. 

Beta 2 will have a few glitches, but it is at near release state.  It is fully featured and an excellent way to preview the full release, probably early next year. The minimum requirements are: 1Ghz CPU & 126Mb graphics 256RAM.  However, a more realistic minimum is 1.4Ghz, 126Mb graphics and 512 RAM.  To get the most though, go for 3Ghz CPU (e.g. AMD 3000+ or Intel P4 630) 256 MB graphics, & 1Gb RAM.
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