Wine Aeration

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Twister Wine Aerator by Final Touch

Aeration is the latest buzzword you'll here and see when it comes to serving wine. Of course wine lovers and experts have used decanters and the like for hundreds of years, but at home we tend to pour it straight out or hope that an uncorked bottle will 'breathe' in a few minutes. It won't work because you need to maximise the exposure of wine with the surrounding air without all the flavour and aroma wafting away.

This is where aerators come in to mix or bubble the wine molecules with the air's oxygen in a controlled environment, thus softening the harsh tannins that have been bottled up.  The tannins are opened up releasing the sulphite preservative in the wine along with the full flavours making a big difference to the taste, especially with complex red wines.

The simplest aerator is the pouring type inserted into the bottle and we offer the Decantus Aero version from America's biggest producer of wine accessories.  The most popular version is the Venturi style which looks like an amphora held over the glass while you pour wine through .  Our version is called the Decantus Deluxe and includes a sediment screen.  As wine is poured through these devices air is sucked in and bubbled into the wine so it all looks very scientific!

If you still prefer decanting your wine then the new Conundrum version from Final Touch,  the world leader's in aeration technology, has a twisted body to swirl the wine elegantly and it's a pleasure to hold.  But if you want the full theatre then you'll need an aerator with decanter and the Pha-Zaire and Twister decanter sets from Final Touch  have a unique 3 phase system for oxygenating the wine by showering, swirling and decanting the wine! 
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