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Temperature is the most important factor in wine storage and should be your primary consideration. The optimum wine storage temperature is 14-16°C. However, any constant storage temperature within 40-65°F (5-18°C) will do. Temperature and humidity can be measured using a digital thermometer hydrometer.

A slowly changing temperature is not a significant issue however rapidly varying temperature will damage your wine and cause premature ageing. You will notice damage of this nature from the sticky deposit that often forms around the capsule. In time, as the wine expands and contracts, it will damage the integrity of the cork. When this happens minute quantities of wine may make its way alongside the cork possibly even allowing oxygen to seep back in.

Wines kept at too high a wine storage temperature will age faster than wines kept at a cold temperature. Theoretically, wines kept at 68°F will age twice as fast as those kept at 50°F. At 57°F (14°C) wines will age so slowly – with ultimately greater complexity – that you will never have to worry about them. This is not to say the colder the better. Wine that is stored too cold can develop deposits or other suspensions in the wine. Finally, keep in mind that white wines are affected far more by temperature problems than red wines.

It can be difficult to maintain constant electric wine cooler such as the Baumatic wine cooleris ideal for attaining the correct wine storage temperature.

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