Wing Mirror Accessories Buying Guide

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Wing Mirror Accessories Buying Guide

Wing mirror accessories are designed to make driving on the roads easier and safer for all. With traditional wing mirrors, many drivers experience blind spots that can become a serious safety hazard, especially when changing lanes, reversing, parking, or towing a large caravan or trailer. Various wing mirror accessories are designed to reduce a driver's blind spots and increase his or her visibility around the car.

Wing mirror accessories are available from auto parts stores, dealerships, and various mechanics and car service centres. Specialist campervan and motorhome outlets also sell a selection of wing mirror accessories. Many consumers opt to head online to purchase their required wing mirror accessories. eBay has a wide selection of accessories for buyers to choose from.

To make an informed decision when buying wing mirror accessories, buyers can learn a bit about the importance of wing mirrors and the various accessories available, what accessories are commonly used, and the different shapes and sizes that wing mirror accessories come in.

The Importance of Wing Mirrors

Wing mirrors are found on the exterior of each side of a car. Their purpose is to help the driver see what is behind and to the sides of the car, covering areas that cannot be seen by the driver using the rear view mirror or by turning his or her head. Wing mirrors are commonly mounted on the front doors of a passenger car. However, they can also be mounted on the car's fenders, above the front wheel arches. Because each driver's head position is different in a car, wing mirrors are able to be either manually or remotely adjusted for optimum view.

Wing mirrors are designed to increase driver safety while on the road. The more space around and to the rear of the car the driver can see, the less likelihood of an accident occurring. However, wing mirrors do not always remove a driver's blind spots. A blind spot is an area around the car that is not visible to the driver. Blind spots can occur at many points around a vehicle, including cars, camper vans, and trucks. The common blind spots for passenger cars are to the back sides of the car. This area is often not visible to the driver via the rear view mirror or wing mirrors. For this reason, there are some useful wing mirror accessories that can help increase a driver's visibility and increase road safety.

Different Types of Wing Mirror Accessories

In order to provide optimum safety while on the road, there are several wing mirror accessories available that can help to increase driver visibility. These accessories include blind spot mirrors, wing mirror extensions, wing mirror covers, and specially shaped wing mirror glass.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are commonly used on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. A blind spot mirror is a small round mirror whose surface is convex. Often installed on the lower outside portion of the side mirror, this small convex mirror eliminates the areas to the side and rear of the car that the driver cannot see without having to physically turn around and check for.

Blind spot mirrors are inexpensive and easy to install. Simply clean the wing mirror to ensure it is dust free and dry, remove the adhesive cover from the back of the blind spot mirror, and attach to the wing mirror glass. Although many drivers like to install their blind spot mirror on the lower outside corner of the wing mirror, blind spot mirrors can also be positioned at the top outside portion of the wing mirror or on the inside area of the mirror.

Wing Mirror Extensions

Often used by camper van drivers or passenger car drivers towing large trailers or caravans, wing mirror extensions are designed to give greater visibility than blind spot mirrors. Because trailers and caravans are usually wider than the car and its wing mirrors, the driver's visibility is greatly reduced. Wing mirror extensions can be temporarily installed with ease onto the existing wing mirrors of a car, and are simply fastened to the car's wing mirror covers.

Basically acting as another wing mirror that extends out beyond the car's wing mirrors, they give the driver a clear view of what is to the side and behind. Although they are more expensive to purchase than small blind spot mirrors, wing mirror extensions offer greater visibility and increase driver safety while on the road.

Wing Mirror Covers

Wing mirror covers are the hard plastic covers the glass sits in. If these covers crack or become damaged, they can affect the positioning of the glass inside. This can then lead to reduced driver visibility. Wing mirror covers can get damaged relatively easily, as they can be clipped by other cars, motorbike riders, or cyclists.

When a cover is damaged it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible. These covers can be quite expensive to replace, especially if the car is a luxury model. For those looking for this type of wing mirror accessory, it pays to purchase the covers that are designed to match the exact make and model of the car. Some consumers are happy to replace their own wing mirror covers, while others choose to have a professional change them. Many car dealerships and mechanics are able to quickly and efficiently change a car's wing mirror covers.

Replacement Wing Mirror Glass

Wing mirror glass comes in three main types: planar, convex, and aspherical glass. Each is shaped differently and provides a slightly different visual effect. The following table provides a list of each type of wing mirror glass and a description of each.

Glass Type

Glass Description

Planar Glass

Flat and commonly used for wing mirrors; does not distort the image in any way. Known as unit magnification, planar glass does limit the driver's field of view, and the extent of visibility is dependent on the size of the glass, not its shape

Convex Glass

Often used on the passenger wing mirror; provides increased visual coverage but makes objects appear smaller or further away than they truly are

Aspheric Glass

Usually combined with a larger convex mirror surface; aspheric portion sits on the outside portion of the mirror and is often identified by a thin vertical line to show where it ends and the convex portion of the glass begins

Consumers can choose to have flat mirror glass, convex mirror glass, or a combination of convex and aspheric glass. Flat glass wing mirror accessories are often less expensive than other types of glass. Before making any final purchase, consumers should familiarise themselves with the differences in view each type of glass provides.

Wing Mirrors of Different Shapes and Sizes

Wing mirrors and their accessories come in a range of sizes and shapes. Most modern wing mirrors are rectangular in shape, although they can also be square. Some makes and models of cars can offer one rectangular shaped mirror, often on the driver's side, and one square mirror on the passenger side. Older model cars were often made with round wing mirrors.. Consumers looking to replace wing mirrors on older or classic cars may like to purchase round wing mirrors and round wing mirror accessories.

How to Buy Wing Mirror Accessories on eBay

To find your ideal wing mirror accessories, simply type "wing mirror accessories&" into the search bar on eBay's home page. If you want to search for something more specific, like a Vauxhall blind spot mirror or a new wing mirror extension,, just type the relevant phrase into the search bar. You can also refine your search by using the available search category options the eBay offers. These categories include searching by item brand, price range, or condition.

To further enhance your buying experience on eBay, you can take advantage of eBay's useful shopping tools.. Here you can find out about using eBay Mobile and desktop applications. With eBay Mobile, you can have access to your eBay account any time of the day or night, no matter where you may be. All you need to do is download the application, available for iPod, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone users. You can also get eBay direct to your desktop through Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. All applications are quick, easy, and free to download. Simply visit eBay and follow the simple application download directions.


Wing mirrors and their accessories are important for giving a driver as much visibility to the side and rear of the car as is possible, removing driver blind spots. In turn, this increases safety for the driver and other road users. Some of the more common types of wing mirror accessories include blind spot mirrors, wing mirror extensions, wing mirror covers, and replacement wing mirror glass. Wing mirrors come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Many modern day cars feature rectangular mirrors, often with slightly convex glass to offer maximum visibility. Other options include square and round mirrors. Choosing which size and shape to buy comes down to the make and model of car and a consumer's personal preference. To purchase any type of wing mirror accessories, consumers can head to eBay to search through the wide selection available. Taking advantage of eBay's simple search methods, reputable sellers, and secure payment options, consumers can find just the right type of wing mirror accessories to meet their desired budget.

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