Wiper Blades for Rover 75 / MG ZT or Tourer models

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If you are looking to change your wiper blades on an MG ZT Tourer, chose your blades carefully.

Wiper blades have been tested on an Y Reg Rover 75 and and 54 Reg ZT Tourer (same windscreens)

The new Retrofit style wiper blades will fit on to cars with the old style hook arm. Admittedly they do look good and there are no hinges to freeze, plus they are only a little bit more expensive than twin spoiler blades. Usually about £25+ for the pair ince postage. But due to the continious pressure along the full length of the blade, they do not curve enough at the far ends of the screen. This results in a slightly wiped smeared 1-2" edge, especially on the passenger side towrds the side of the car. I can't give you the wear time of the Retroblade, as I found the dirty smear edge too annoying to leave on my car for long. I have tried 2 or 3 cheaper makes of these retrofit blades, plus the Bosch AR550S (22" + 21") and they all seem to have the same problem.

I have found original style blades work the best and last about 1 year (18k miles). If you regularly drive on motorways or at high speed, I'd recommend twin spoiler blades, and they look better anyway. I can't fault Bosch Spolier blades, except in price - but far cheaper on the net than in retail stores. I found they lasted much longer than Halfords own make, plus the spoiler on Halfords own is too small and I found that severe wind just lifted it. Some of the cheap versions, only lasted a few months and started to mear very quickly, especially if used during frosty times. To cope with hinges freezing during winter, just a quick spray with de-icer normally sorts them out, or you can use a pre-treat the night before or just make sure your windscreen cover goes over them too.

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