Wire Wrapping jewellery and semi precious stones.

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I am currently using sterling silver wire to make lovely wire wrap rings, which I will be putting onto e-bay.  I also recieved a sample of bone the other day, which is a by product of the meat industry (no animals are killed soley for the purpose).  The bone is very hardy and looks the same 20 yrs later as it did on the day you bought it.  You can see all the different hues and grains in the bone when it is polished up.  I thought it would look great wrapped with sterling silver wire. I try to use the most natural products possible and am a lover of semi precious stones.  I think if you want to try wire wrapping, it helps if youv'e got an artistic flair.  I use soft silver wire and copper.  I actually practiced first with copper wire as it's cheaper. I am progressing onto the more complicated designs and am thinking of buying a jig which will enable me to make more intricate designs without relying of free hand, although some of the freehand pieces would work out just as nice.  They are more free form. Some folk will appreciate the randomness of this wire work.  A good place for people to start is from u-tube videos.  Expert Village I thought where very informative and I managed to follow along.


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