Wire jig/wire craft

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Hi I just thought I would let everyone know that quite a few sellers are selling wire jigs/wire craft sets for as much as £5.00 Buy it now, or auctions with a starting price of £2.50 with extortionate p&p.  I purchased one of these for £1.81 with £2.99 p&p.  The actual postage price was 35 pence, I couldnt believe it.

I went into my local Poundland yesterday only to see these on sale for yes £1.00.  I suppose I should have checked them out first, but I needed one, but I dont like being 'ripped' off.  I had already left my feedback, so I could not let anyone know that way.

I would suggest that if you want one of these sets and you have a Poundland near you check them first before you bid on one on Ebay and pay the high postage rates.



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