Wire vs. Nylon Brushes

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Wire or nylon brushes


Brushes are generally associated with Jazz drumming.  They are also used in many other genera including Latin.  They are made of a series of wires or plastic joined to a handle. By dragging, tapping and flicking the skins and cymbals they produce a unique sound.


Pro and cons of wire vs nylon



Wire tend to get bent easier – Plastic tend to spring back to shape


Wire are louder and brighter sounding, this is very obvious on cymbals


Wire tend to need to ‘bed-in’ more than plastic brushes although some manufactures make wire brushes which have bent ends to help this process


Plastic are probably easier to use as they can be very springy


Wire brushes will last longer if looked after






Vic Firth, Pro-mark, Zildjian, Regal Tip, Stagg, Shaw

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