Wireless House alarms

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A wireless house alarm is a burglar alarm system that has no physical link from the detectors/sensors to the control panel itself. It does not mean that they have no requirement for mains power. As yet we have not come across a totally wire free house alarm that runs on pure battery power, as the control panel will always requires a mains connection.  If you take a look at the Sentry Pro burglar alarm system found in our eBay shop, you will find that this is a typical wireless house alarm. The control panel connects to the mains power via a transformer but is fitted with a 24 hour backup battery. The battery is there or 2 reasons:

  1.  If the power fails in your property due to a power cut the alarm will still function for around 24 hours
  2. If a burglar breaks into your home and cuts the power or tries to remove the alarms power supply, the alarm will still be powered

When looking for a wireless burglar alarm system you need to make sure that the alarm you are buying has its own security, by this we mean it should be passcode protected.  Any function you need or want to carry out on the burglar alarm system must first have a passcode entered. This will stop any burglar from being able to interfere with your alarm and possibly disable it. The Sentry Pro range of burglar alarms all use the passcode feature, ensuring your system is secure all the time. 

With most wireless alarm systems they have a built in auto dial feature. After connecting the alarm to either a phone line or if it is a GSM burglar alarm, inserting a mobile phone SIM card, the auto dial feature means that should the alarm be triggered, it will telephone the numbers that have been programmed into it and call that person and inform them that the alarm has been triggered. All you do is record a message you want it to play back when it calls, and then when and if the alarm is triggered it will play back your recorded message. This means the alarm system will call people that count and will react to your alarm activation. 

As mentioned above there are 2 main types of auto dial alarm system

  • Landline based auto dial
  • GSM based auto dial

With a GSM based burglar alarm system you insert a mobile phone SIM card into the correct slot. Then when needed, the alarm system will make its call out of this device. It is far more secure to use a GSM based alarm system and in some cases only a GSM based alarm system will work as there might not be a spare phone line available or perhaps none at all. 

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