Wiring E27 / ES Lampholders

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This guide is in response to the irate buyer who complained through feedback, after a delay of 20 days and after not bothering to ask me for help, that I had omitted "vital instructions" when I sent their lampholder.

Well, to me there are two types of people who buy electrical fittings and components: the competant and the confident. - The former (I would hope) should not even need instructions for a simple lampholder and the latter usually possesses sufficient intelligence to only require guidance for those projects where the absence of such could pose a serious risk of injury, death, or damage through incorrect assembly, ignorance of technical detail, etc..

Whatever, neither should require this but, for clarification (and yes, I will duplicate these instructions for future purchasers of lampholders through Litez Design & Wholesale ):

Ignoring shade rings, our E27 / ES lampholders are composed of 3 pieces: lower (domed section) lampholder half, upper lampholder half (which may have a lip around the outside depending on whether it is full-threaded or half-threaded) and insert.

First, take the insert and wire your flex into it (if you are using a cable grip it should be fitted in place first, about 5mm from the trim line of the outer sheathing around the inner cores, not forgetting that it will only travel in one direction along the flex) . - The blue core (neutral) should be wired into one of the two terminals on the round (disc-shaped) insert, and the brown core (live) into the other.  If you have an earth core this should be wired into the terminal inside the dome, whilst the additional screw fitting found inside lampholders supplied by Litez Design & Wholesale should be fastened once the base of the lampholder has been fixed in place in order to prevent the lampholder coming loose and accidental removal of the lampholder whilst fitting lampshades.

Secondly, locate the insert inside the bottom (dome-shaped) section of the lampholder and fasten the top lampholder section in place after making sure that the insert is seated correctly. - You should see or feel some clicking as you screw the top lampholder section into place, and may need to hold the insert in place (with your finger(s) through the top section of the lampholder that you are about to fix in position).

The lampholder is now locked together. - If you have one of the cheaper lampholders and need to unlock it this can be done by passing a slender screwdriver into the top opening of the lampholder and gently prising a locking catch located against the inside edge of the lampholder, and just above the insert, inwards, whilst twisting the top and bottom lampholder sections apart.  If you have a quality lampholder, like those sold through Litez Design & Wholesale, you will find with some of our lampholders that there is no locking lever - you will need either a:) molegrips b:) a large nutcracker capable of tackling 40mm diameter walnuts or c:) a hammer (easiest option).  Done correctly you will also now need a replacement lampholder skirt. - Put simply, E27 lampholders are not designed to be taken apart. - Doing so can seriously damage the lampholder!

Apart from fitting the lampholder to whatever it needs to be fitted to, that's about it.

If this guide fails to satisfy please contact me first before leaving feedback stipulating "omitted vital instructions" or the like because I do help people having problems with items purchased from Litez Design & Wholesale and don't appreciate people who make it look as though we don't by leaving ignorant feedback comments.

...Lampholder skirts are also available as a direct purchase for those finding it necessary to add nutcrackers to their toolkit...
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