Womens Designer Wristwatch Buying Guide

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Women's Designer Wristwatch Buying Guide

The wristwatch is the most common type of watch available. Used to keep the time, wristwatches first became popular in the 1920s. Originally the wristwatch was called a wristlet, and was designed specifically for women. Today, the wristwatch is a timeless piece that is both fashionable and useful for both genders. Women’s designer wristwatches come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colours. Additionally, designer wristwatches are powered by multiple kinds of movements and encompass a range of materials. Some modern designer wristwatches for women also have additional features such as displaying the date, an alarm clock, or chronometer.

Women’s designer wristwatches can be purchased at watch shops, department stores, or online. Since most women’s designer wristwatches are an investment, an interested consumer should consider a number of factors before purchasing a women’s designer wristwatch. Things to consider include, the anatomy of the wristwatch, uses for a women’s designer wristwatch, and a comparison of some popular designer brands and models.

Anatomy of the Wristwatch

There are a few things that are useful to know about the wristwatch before deciding which women’s designer brand is right for a buyer. Having a minimal understanding about the anatomy of the wristwatch can help a consumer ensure they are getting what it is they are looking for out of their women’s designer wristwatch.


The movement of the wristwatch includes how the passage of time is measured and the current time displayed. There are six basic types of movement to consider when deciding on a women’s designer wristwatch.


Quartz movement operates by a battery-powered current moving through quartz crystal, which then oscillates at a rapid speed. This oscillation then powers a motor, which causes the hands to move around the clock face or a digital number to change. Quartz movement is reliable, accurate, and thus found in a lot of affordable designer women’s watches. Wristwatches with quartz movement requires a battery replacement every two to three years.


Automatic movement is a subset of mechanical movement that self-winds. Automatic watches tend to store power for up to two days, and often must be manually winded before wearing if the wristwatch is not worn consistently. Automatic movement is accurate, though not to the degree of quartz. Consumers that prefer automatic movement often do so because of their traditional use.


Mechanical movement requires manual wind-up in order for the watch hands to move about the clock face, or the digital clock to progress in number. Fairly impractical, wristwatches that employ mechanical movement are often only preferred for fashion or style reasons. Further, mechanical movement is not as accurate as quartz and automatic movements.


Kinetic movement is a unique movement that is powered by the energy of the human wrist. As a result, if a wristwatch with kinetic movement is worn consistently, it stays wound up indefinitely, not requiring batteries.


Eco-drive movement is powered by solar energy. Eco-drive movement is powered by the sun through an internal battery that can stay charged in complete darkness for up to six months. This type of movement is popular amongst eco-friendly consumers.

Tough Solar

Slightly different from eco-drive movement, tough solar movement uses small solar panels to retain power. Similar to eco-drive movement, tough solar movement wristwatches can stay powered for long periods of time, even in complete darkness. This type of movement is also popular amongst eco-friendly consumers.


The case of the watch is the body of the watch, typically where all the internal electronic parts are stored and the clock face. Whether analogue or digital, the case makes up the exterior. Women’s designer wristwatches come in a variety of case styles, shapes, and colours. Cases can range from rectangular to circular in shape, platinum to gold in style, red to silver in colour, and many choices in between. Designer wristwatches are often made with high-quality cases.

Watch Glass

The watch glass is the clear material that covers the clock face on the case. The watch glass can be made in a variety of different materials including mineral glass and sapphire glass. While mineral glass is used for a large number of women’s watches sold, most designer wristwatches use sapphire glass, which is more expensive but also much more scratch-resistant and durable.


The strap should be both durable and comfortable at the same time. Straps come in many different widths and lengths, and most can be adjusted in some way or another to fit the individual wrist. Women’s designer wristwatches are available with both leather and metallic straps, depending on the buyer’s stylistic preference. Some designer watches also include special release clasps that can help with the ease of getting a wristwatch on and off.

Uses for a Women’s Designer Wristwatch

Because there are so many different kinds of women’s designer wristwatches available, it is often helpful to narrow down the basic necessity that the watch serves. This can be anything from a fashion piece to a designer running watch.


For women that are looking for strictly a fashion wristwatch, consumers should look at aesthetics and style over practicality. Fashion wristwatches come in a variety of bright colours and often have unique straps that can look similar to one’s favourite jewellery. Some popular designers for women’s fashion wristwatches include: Calvin Klein, DKNY, Vivienne Westwood and Emporio Armani.


While business watches can still be visually pleasing, as a general rule, they should have a more conservative look to match a business wardrobe. Business watches should be practical and durable for maximum wear, as well as comfortable. Some popular designers for women’s business wristwatches are Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, and DKNY.


Women’s designer wristwatches can also be hip and edgy. Urban-style wristwatches are a blend of technology-savvy and trendy. Additionally, urban wristwatches often have added features such as day and date and alarms, as well as cutting-edge and fun styles. Urban wristwatches are anything but quiet, usually making a statement. Some popular designers for women’s urban wristwatches are Ice Watch, Black Dice, and Diesel.

Active Lifestyles

Women can also find a variety of designer wristwatches for the active lifestyle. Active lifestyle wristwatches are sporty but visually pleasing, with added bonus features such as water-resistance, a chronometer, and extreme accuracy. Active lifestyle designer wristwatches are tough and more rugged in appearance. These watches are typically made to stay in place with maximum movement. Some popular designers for women’s active lifestyle wristwatches include Timex, Timberland, and Swatch.

Comparison of Women’s Designer Wristwatches

Women’s designer wristwatches come from a large variety of reputable brands. The following chart looks at the features and affordability of popular women’s designer wristwatch models by well-known wristwatch manufacturers.

Model & Brand




Timex T5JO31

Active Lifestyle

Heart-rate monitor


Polyurethane strap


Workout summary


Michael Kors Women’s Silver Runway Watch

Business or Fashion

Stainless steel bracelet and case

Quartz movement


Silvertone chronograph dial


Cartier Midsize Francaise Stainless Steel and 18k Gold Watch



Sapphire watch glass

18k gold bracelet

Quartz movement


Black Dice BD-042-04 Women’s Mixtape


White leather band

40mm stainless steel case

Easy-to-read digital display

Water resistant


DKNY Women’s Watch NY 4839


Black leather strap

28mm silver dial

Water resistant

Quartz movement


These are just a few of many different women’s designer wristwatches available for purchase. Buyers should use this chart in conjunction with their own research when attempting to find the perfect designer wristwatch.

How to Buy Women’s Designer Wristwatches on eBay

There are many options to choose from when seeking to purchase a women’s designer wristwatch. The first thing to do is narrow down what style you are looking for, as well as identify what the main function of the watch is. Once you have that figured out, searching through the different options available on eBay are a lot less overwhelming. Let’s say you are interested in a Michael Kors wristwatch. Simply type women's Michael Kors wristwatch into the keyword search within the eBay website portal, and all available options by this designer is then populated.

While browsing through the wristwatches available on eBay, do not forget to take advantage of eBay’s Top Rated sellers function. Top Rated sellers are those sellers that eBay has identified as providing consistent results, providing accurate descriptions, and charging fair shipping prices. Further, eBay checks this regularly to ensure you are always dealing with reputable individuals if you choose to purchase from a Top Rated seller. This is just one way eBay makes purchasing women’s designer wristwatches easy and worry-free.


There are many things to consider when looking for a women’s designer wristwatch. Factors such as what the wristwatch is used for, what style, size, and colour watch is desired, and how much a consumer is willing to pay, are just some things a buyer should think about before making a purchase. Designer wristwatches are often made from top-quality materials and impose state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, understanding a little bit about how the wristwatch functions, from the movement of the hands, to the material of the watch glass, helps a consumer make the most informed decision when it comes to purchasing a designer wristwatch.

There is no reason that women have to sacrifice durability and comfort for style and elegance. Whereas wristwatches were once seen as a fleeting fashion trend by women of the 1920s, today a number of women wear wristwatches for many everyday uses. A variety of designer brands offer a wide selection of casual, fashionable, practical, or hip wristwatches, depending on the desire of the individual.

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