Women's Formal Slip-on Buying Guide

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Women's Formal Slip-on Buying Guide

Slip-ons or loafers are comfortable flat shoes that are designed for various occasions. As their name suggests these shoes have no laces, buckles, or fasteners, the wearer simply slips them on over their toes and heels and are ready to go. Ladies formal slip-ons often come in the form of fancy ballerina flats, low wedge shoes, or embellished pumps. There are other types available, but the aforementioned are more common.


Formal Slip-on Styles

Not all women's slip-ons are created equal and they are not all suitable for all types of feet. For instance persons with a high instep should choose slip-on shoes that are low cut towards the toes. Less of the instep would be covered, thus providing less tension in that area. Also, women with high instep or wide feet should search for wide width formal slip-on shoes to have a comfortable fit. Wedge slip-on shoes are wonderful for formal wear, especially in the right colour and material. However, a person with sweaty feet may want to stay away from high wedge slip-on shoes because each step will force their feet closer to the front which applies undue pressure to the toes. Even with a peep-toe slip-on wedge, the force causes discomfort around the toes that protrude through the opening.


Formal Slip-on Colours

Embellished ballerina flats or slip-on wedges can easily be paired with a nice knee length dress for a formal setting, but the colour of the shoes can add to or subtract from the outfit. A black high wedge can be nice with a few embellishments, but a black loafer may look a little manly and diminish the elegance of the ensemble. Bright colours are best left for daytime occasions while softer shades such as pastels, browns, and nudes can work great for late evening.


Slip-ons For Different formal Occasions

Formal occasions often include dinner parties, cocktail parties, and weddings. While any formal slip-on may be interchangeable between the aforementioned occasions, it takes a little more consideration for the bride or bridesmaids in a wedding party. The wedding slip-ons available generally have a little more style and flair than traditional slip-ons. Bridal slip-ons are often found in white or ivory ballerina flats that are embellished with glistening beads, studs, rhinestones, or sequins, and can be made from lace, crochet, satin, or other exotic materials. Bridesmaid's slip-ons are very similar but are usually available in a wider range of colours. Brides and bridesmaids often choose ballerina flat slip-ons for outdoor weddings where the terrain can be unpredictable.


Slip-on Fit and Comfort

Slip-ons are generally comfortable, but buyers should not assume that a shoe will be comfortable simply because it is flat. Buyers should take note of the shape of the shoe in comparison to the shape of their feet. Many slip-on shoes are narrow at the tip and persons with wide toes may find them uncomfortable after a few minutes.

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