Womens Leather Wristwatch Buying Guide

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Women's Leather Wristwatch Buying Guide

Boring outfits can be transformed with the help of the right accessories. Specifically, watches tend to be an eye catcher. There are so many different options when it comes to purchasing a watch that it can definitely confuse a consumer. Women wear watches to a variety of places, including: work, school, events, and special occasions. The two main purposes of women’s wristwatches are functionality and style. Before purchasing a watch, it is important to understand when and where a buyer plans on wearing the watch. If it is an everyday watch to know the time, then a buyer may want to consider a more casual watch, focusing on functionality. On the other hand, if a watch is being purchased for a formal affair, then a fancy watch is recommended, focusing on style.

A large variety of women’s leather wristwatches can be purchased at department stores, jewellery shops, and on the online auction website, eBay. Shopping for the perfect women’s leather wristwatch can be difficult. There are many factors that need to be considered before purchasing, including: style, watch movement, leather watch band characteristics, and face size.


Styles are constantly changing, but because of the functionality of watches, they never go out of style. Before purchasing a women’s leather wristwatch, the wearer’s style needs to be taken into account. Women’s leather wristwatches are versatile and can accommodate many different women with varying fashion sense. Women’s leather wristwatches can appear elegant, formal, casual, trendy, fashion-forward, or in style by pairing them with the right outfit. If the wearer constantly wears dressy jewellery to most occasions, then a thinner leather band and a smaller face with cursive font is recommended. However, if the wearer’s typical style includes jeans and a T-shirt, then a casual, neutral leather band colour, with easy-to-read numbers is suggested.

Watch Movement

A movement in watchmaking is the device that measures the passage of time and shows the current time. The movements are classified as mechanical, automatic, or electronic movements. A buyer can look at the specifications of the watch, which should state the type of movement that is used. Mechanical watches are less accurate and sensitive to position, temperature, and magnetism. In addition, mechanical watches require normal adjustment and maintenance. Automatic watches are self-winding, based on the movements of the wearer’s body. Electronic watches have little-to-no moving parts and operate from tiny quartz crystals providing the accurate time. The quartz version is an electronic movement that does not need winding, but cosmetically can still display the hand moving, because it is what most watch wearers prefer. Overall, quartz watches are the most accurate, and the only maintenance required is a new battery every two to three years. After comparing all three types of movements by quality and price, a buyer has to select one for a preferred women’s leather wristwatch.

Leather Watch Bands

Leather watch bands are a popular choice because they are simple, comfortable, and stylish. Leather watch bands vary by colour, thickness, and length.

Leather watch bands come in a variety of colours from the more traditional black or brown, varying all the way to yellow or orange. If the wearer is trying to make a fashion statement with a watch, then a bold, bright colour such as red, orange, or purple is recommended. If the wearer wants to wear the watch casually and match it with the majority of her clothing, then a more neutral colour such as black, brown, or tan is recommended. White watches are also growing in popularity and match with almost everything.

The thickness of leather bands varies from thin to thick. Traditionally, thinner bands were thought of as more feminine, and thicker bands were associated with more masculine watches. With fashion trends ever changing, the thickness of the leather band is now a personal preference. Many women are now wearing thicker leather bands with fancier large watch faces.

Luckily, most leather watch bands are adjustable and can easily fit to the size of most wrists. If a buyer is unsure about the size of her wrists, then it is recommended to measure the wrists before the shopping begins. Consider how long the wearer plans to keep the watch. The longer the buyer plans on keeping the watch, the more important it is to purchase a wristwatch with higher-quality leather.

Face of the Watch

Similar to the thickness of the leather band, the face of the watch is also a personal preference. The face of the watch varies from large to small. Small watch faces are not recommended for wearers with vision problems. A larger face with easily identifiable numbers is suggested for consumers with vision issues. Traditionally, smaller-faced watches are thinner and considered more feminine and dressy than large-faced watches; however, styles are constantly changing and large-faced watches can be dressed up by adding sparkles, diamonds, and exquisite designs. Usually, the more intricate the detail and design on the face of a watch, the more expensive it is.

In addition to the varying shape and size of the face of a watch, the font of the numbers also differs. For the basic, everyday watch whose main function is to tell time throughout the day, it is advised to purchase a watch with easy-to-read font. Leather wristwatches that are decorative may use a cursive font or may not include numbers at all. Some watches contain a diamond in place of the numbers at the four main points, including 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, and 9:00.

Other Considerations Regarding Women’s Leather Wristwatches

Before a buyer runs out to purchase a new women’s leather wristwatch, there is another specification that needs to be reviewed: water and weather resistance. "Water resistant&" is commonly placed on the back of a watch to indicate how waterproof the watch actually is. Also, test pressure is displayed on the back as an equivalent of water depth, usually in metres. This is an important consideration depending on how the buyer plans to use the watch. If the watch is purchased as a casual, everyday watch, then it is advised to buy a water-resistant watch.

Quartz watches need to have their batteries replaced every two to three years. Buyers are encouraged to have an extra battery at hand in the event that the battery dies, so that it can be quickly replaced and the watch can continue to function.

How to Buy a Women’s Leather Wristwatch on eBay

Once a buyer is fully informed about the specifications and the different characteristics of women’s leather wristwatches, it is time to purchase one. eBay provides a broad selection of women’s leather wristwatches. The easiest way to search for women’s leather wristwatches is to perform a keyword search. The buyer can begin the search on eBay by utilising the search bar located on every eBay page. In the search box, simply type "women's wristwatches&", and thousands of options appear in the search results. If a buyer is looking for a more specific type of watch, adjust the keywords to be more specific, such as "women's leather wristwatches&".

To put the buyer at ease when purchasing a women’s leather wristwatch, there is an option to evaluate the seller's feedback. The seller's eBay history includes all of the feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. The feedback provides the buyer with information from past interactions with the seller, allowing the buyer to make informed decisions. The feedback is advantageous for the seller because it allows the seller to improve his service and attract more buyers to his page through positive feedback. It is important to leave feedback for a seller after a transaction to inform the eBay marketplace about the experience.


Women’s leather wristwatches are available in a variety of leather band colours, different face shapes and sizes, and different numerical fonts on their faces. That being said, the perfect women’s leather wristwatch is ultimately the buyer’s own personal decision. However, there are many factors that need to be considered in order to make an informed purchase. The characteristics that need to be evaluated before purchasing a women’s leather wristwatch, include: a woman’s personal style, different types of watch movement, leather band characteristics, varying watch faces, and how to purchase on eBay. Personal style is the most important factor to consider when shopping, if a buyer has a feminine style, then it is essential to select a women’s wristwatch with a thin leather band and a small face.

Next, watch movements can be automatic, mechanical, or quartz, and personal preference plays a role in deciding upon which type to choose. Of the three types of watch movements, quartz is the most accurate and requires the least amount of repair. Subsequently, the type of leather band needs to be selected based upon personal preference, quality, thickness, length, and colour. Purchasing a women’s leather wristwatch should not be an inconvenience. With the right research, a consumer can ensure that he or she has made the best selection.

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