Women's Polarised Sunglasses Buying Guide

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Women's Polarised Sunglasses Buying Guide

Spending time outdoors means you need the right eye protection. Polarised sunglasses have a special surface designed to reduce and neutralise glare. Avoid squinting whether you are in the water, driving a car, or just spending time in the sun. Polarised sunglasses offer style and protection, and provide a clearer image than tinted lenses. Popular for sports, the sunglasses have become a favourite amongst athletes. Get the lowdown on the various styles, brands, and designs of polarised sunglasses before you pick your favourite pair, and enjoy the sun in style.



Like other types of sunglasses, there are many styles of women's polarised sunglasses. Some of the most popular designs include aviator sunglasses, Wayfarer styles that offer a retro look, and mirrored lenses, which are cool and fun. Polarised sunglasses come in many frame shapes to suit your look, including cat eye frames, rectangle frames, oversized shades, and round lenses. Colours range from basic black frames to tortoiseshell, and some offer embellishments like rhinestones or gold accents. Some brands to look for include Dolce & Gabbana, Polaroid, Ray-Ban, Superdry, and Xloop.


Sporty Shades

Most sports sunglasses also contain polarised lenses. Sports styles differ from traditional sunglasses a bit in style. Some sports sunglasses offer a wrap-around style that stays on your face during activity. These high-performance sunglasses offer a sturdy frame and rectangular lenses, though other styles are available. There are even polarised goggles used for sports. Some popular sunglasses brands for sports include Bloc, Dirty Dog, Puma, and Oakley. Clip-on sunglasses are another option if you already wear glasses but wish to reap the benefits of polarised lenses while you are outdoors or driving.


What to Look For

The first thing to consider is UV protection. You should only buy polarised glasses that include UV protection, which protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Ensure the sunglasses you choose include 100 per cent protection from UV rays. Another decision to make when you are purchasing polarised lenses is the lens colour. Though all polarised lenses improve visibility and reduce glare, different coloured lenses work better for a variety of situations. Amber lenses adjust colour contrast and improve your vision on a cloudy day. These lenses work well for golfing, as well as water sports. Choose blue lenses for bright, sunny days, and brown lenses for hiking or cycling, because they increase depth perception. For driving, opt for gradient lenses, which are safe when you are on the road due to a greater amount of visibility than other colours. Yellow lenses are great for hunting, and orange lenses are perfect for fishing or snow sports.

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