Wondering What Makes a Great Item Title? -THINK on THIS

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I'm going to give you several ways of really grabbing the viewer's eye, so he/she will automatically click on your listing probably without even thinking about it.  There are many ideas around what makes a great item title however I'll give you my tips which I've found from experience really work.

  1. Always use a gallery photo.  People don't want to waste time clicking on something they can't see.  70% of the population use visual skills as their main information gathering modality.  In short they go with what they can see.  Generally speaking - no photo equals no click on your item.  There are always exceptions to the rule but for the extra few pence, gallery fee is well worth it.
  2. Gallery photos should be of the item OR a person associated with the item.  Photos of people work better than photos of symbols.  So if you are selling a service, put a good photo of yourself.
  3. Use a subtitle which costs a little bit extra, but it's worth it if yo have an item with a substantial price.  Or if you find other sellers who are selling the same thing, are using subtitles.  If you competition has subtitles and you don't, your listed item will look a little 'nude' in the searches.  Not a good look especially in winter!
  4. Always research what you propose to sell.  See how other similar item titles are constructed.  Whatever words you use, go for something different, that hasn't been used before.  Be creative and original in your language.
  5. Judicious use of capitals can make your title stand out in the crowd.  However don't fall for the trap of doing the entire title in capital letters.  Capitals work best if there are only a few words, or part of the title in CAPS.  IF I WRITE MY WHOLE SENTENCE IN CAPITALS, it looks a bit too much and it's difficult to read.  But if I only WRITE selected letters in CAPITALS, it's much more EFFECTIVE!
  6. Use exclamation marks to make a point!  But don't overuse them (unless you're really artistic and are using them to make some sort of creative symbol, !i!i!i!i for example).  You can use these sorts of little symbols to grab attention (:-:-:-:-:) in your title.  Just look for different things that aren't commonly used.
  7. Don't make outlandish claims, be honest in your title description.  Your viewers will be disappointed when they get ot your listing if it's not what it was purported to be.
  8. Use the entire space allocated in the title field.  In other words, a short title doesn't really cut it.  If you have space remaining, fill it with an emotional attention grabber e.g. item blah, blah - Needs a Good home! or item blah, blah - Hours of Fun or item blah, blah - This Season's Latest.
  9. If your item is new, always put NEW in the item title.  The word new is eBay's most commonly searched for word.  Make use of what people are searching for.  Good keywords are really important.
  10. Try and start your item in the pence rather than pounds price range.  I find that 80% of the time, items starting at just a few pence get a higher price than items starting with a pound value, even a low pound value.  They also cost less to list.  I know you will say you could lose money and it's true you could, but most times I don't and I don't think you will either!

Make the Best Impression!

In short, your Item Title is the first impression you will make on a potential buyer.  To get a buyer, you absolutely must make an impression, hopefully a good one.  Most items have other sellers selling the same thing, so you simply have to stand out in the crowd to get past first base.  Generally speaking, the better the initial impression, the more potential buyers and the higher the price.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you.  If it has, then please vote YES for it.  You can also read my Other Guides or you can visit My Store

Until next time, Regards, Rose

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