Wonders of tea tree oil

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Tea tree oil is a wonderful product and I wouldn't be without in my home. Its much healthier and better than over the counter products for various ailments in the family. It does have a smell but over time you do get used to it.
I frequently get bitten by insects in the summer months but to stop that nasty scratching I just put a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton bud or cotton wool and it soothes the bite and stops that scratching.
If you can feel a spot or pimple coming dab some tea tree oil on it to speed recovery and ease the redness. 
If you ever have a nasty rash from ringworm or a fungal infection mix some tea tree oil in a bottle with water and apply to the area  its not recommended if skin is sore and raw to use neat oil but mix ratio 1 drop to 5 drops water and see how you get on.
Sometimes your toenails can get very hard and difficult to cut use some neat tea tree oil on them for a few days and they will soften up for you to cut easily.
If you get that feeling that a cold sore is coming apply some tea tree oil to it to dry the area up try not to taste as its not very nice!
Good luck with my tips I hope you all find them useful as they have been to me.
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