Wood and Shed Plans

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There are many sellers of these on a cd format. However how do you know whether they have want you want and that the seller will honour the sale.

BEFORE  you buy decide exactly what you want and ask the seller if it is on the CD

Ask the format and ensure that your item isnt on a link , there are many woodwork sites that provide information but linking to them can be a risky business with link being dropped. Dont worry if the seller admits if links are on the cd they can be a very useful space saving method of adding items to a cd . But ask them why ?

Ask the sellor what format the plans are in and can they be printed.  HTML printing is very difficult Abode pdfs are best.

Then check out the seller ,

what else do they sell ( if it is just wood plan cds or similiar fine but if it is a lot of ebooks be careful.

have they feedback above 99.7%

Ideally you want someone with over 1000 sales in the wood cds.

Also you can tell a lot about someone who has responded agressively to a negative feedback. We all get the occasional difficult customer , that is life but there is no need to be abusive.?

Look around I am not the only good seller of cd plans but be careful and most of all have fun and be safe.




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