Wood burner boiler.

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Just fitted a top baffle boiler to a JA010 wood burning stove,very efficient heating 1000L of water by 1 deg c. Per hour, drilling the cast iron backplate was not a problem used a 3/8 drill bit then enlarged the holes with a step drill purchased from Aldi. Just take your time and don't use a cutting lubricant always drill cast iron dry. Connected via 2x water tap wall plates these are half the price of a dedicated adaptor. Well worth the effort and much cheaper than buying a wood burner with boiler installed. The cast iron "fire bricks" were lifted in the fire box using angle steel to close the top gap to the boiler sides, the top of the boiler is fitted 2.5 inches below the top of the fire.
Hope my efforts are some use to all of you out their trying to reduce heating costs.
This is my second attempt at fitting a boiler to this stove the original was homemade from copper and worked ok over last winter but failed when the pump packed up causing it to boil dry and leaked when the water supply was restored, the system is open vented so no danger of an explosion.
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