Wood fired pizza oven

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Things to consider about a wood fired pizza oven

Very popular are these wood fired ovens that can cook pizzas and other things.
Im a refractory engineer of 30 years so know about ovens, furnaces, kilns, incinerators in fact about heat and how to contain it for drying, cooking, burning, heating.
Refractory is usually the lining you need although you will be dealing in reasonable temperatures to cook and not the really high temperatures that are in the industrial refractory industry.
Refractory at temperature reacts in similar ways and some things to look out for when buying a pizza oven.
Price is really important to all of us but refractory materials are not cheap so generally if you are going to spend £100-£200 then its probably not going to last that long but probably ok if you just want a year or two out of it and heat up and retention of heat will cost a lot more time and money.
Refractory hates water as it absorbs it quickly and then the refractory deteriorates rapidly causing cracking and failure so in a garden you need a cover or metal covering the refractory, stainless preferably as it does not rust. Stainless is not cheap.  
Thickness of refractory and insulation is important to retain heat or it just goes through the refractory and can be red hot to the touch without insulation.
You will burn more wood without insulation and its the insulation that retains the heat not refractory bricks or castings.
You can probably now gather that a cheap price means a lower grade oven, the materials alone for a decent pizza oven would be anything from £200-£400 then if you want stainless steel it starts adding up oh and then labour , delivery.
So I can see some ovens are £100-£200 and you might be disappointed, if you want a nice centre piece that's going to last for years spend some decent money.
I will update with more interesting things soon  as there is even more to consider.
like weight seen one 350kg now that's heavy !

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