Wooden Hand Carvings from Kenya

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One of the best wooden carvings are actually made in Kenya, East Africa.

Hence if you are purchasing carvings of African nature than do try and make sure that they come from Kenya. These are hand carved and the art of carving is handed down from generation to generations.

Its amazing what they can actually carve out from wood, especially considering that they do this mostly from a single piece of wood and hence there is really no room for error. So please dont waste your money buying thoes knock-offs made out of resin.... they are really expensive and do not look authentic at all.

Most Carvings from Kenya are made from sustainable wood and hence helps protects the environment.

No longer do you just get the Masai statues, Kenyan wooden carvings are now consist of beautiful bowls, bangles, masks... You name it and they make it.

In fact have you seen some of the jeweller that comes from Kenya... Items such as the wooden bangles are simply mind blowing with beautiful and amazing designs.... You will find it very hard to get these in the shops and they look simply amazing with all the colours painted on them.

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