Woodnote Bass Recorder

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The next instrument in the ensemble range that I wanted to try was the bass. I had a good look at all the various manufacturers and compared their prices - The Bass Recorder is the most expensive of the basic five - Most of them are shockingly expensive. There was no way that I was going to pay a four figure price for something I may not like; I didn't really want to pay a three figure one either! I needed to find an exception. A quick ebay search revealed one - The Woodnote Bass Recorder, brand new for a very reasonable £59.99. There were some quotations on the ebay page from satisfied customers, so I thought I would take a chance. It arrived within 48 hours in a very nice zipped pvc bag with carrying handles. The bag opened to reveal three individual storage sections and a pocket in the top. It is a four-part instrument, in what is known as the 'knick' style - this means the instrument is angled or 'folded' at the base of the uppermost joint, it resembles a saxophone when assembled. It is in the key of F major, the lowest note being F below middle C. 
It has a double key for low F and Fsharp, a single key for B flat and a single key for C. The bag also contained a pot of joint grease, a cleaning rod, a neck strap - bass recorders are rather heavier than the rest, and although there is a built-in thumbrest, the strap comes in really handy - it also had a fingering chart. I must mention at this point that the fingering chart in the bag, was for sopranino, descant, treble and tenor recorders - everything but the instrument it accompanied!! Most recorders cover a range of over two octaves, I can just about manage that with this but I must say that after D in the upper register it sounds laboured and windy. I have played it daily over the last three weeks and I believe it is great, it has a very nice tone and is accurately pitched with one exception - low B natural - it sounds off to me, a little sharp - that, of course, is my opinion. I am not entirely sure that I would take it along to a local ensemble, but it is a fantastic introduction to playing bass recorder. I love it, moreover, I love the price. Many thanks for making the bass recorder an affordable option for all! I saw a Yamaha bass the other day - second hand for £185 - and I cannot tell the difference between the two, Kurgerstein sell one and so do Ferris, and still I can see NOT ONE difference between them....? Hmmm.
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