Working with Carnelian energy

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Carnelian is a beautiful gemstone, used since ancient times. many carnelian carvings and protective amulets have been found in Egyptian tombs and in Knossos in Crete. It can also be spelt Cornelian and was often called Sard in the past.

Carnelian comes in a beautiful range of shades of orange from a soft gentle pale to rich vibrant shades.

This lovely orange gemstone is also considered to be a powerful healing crystal, it can help balance the Sacral and Root Chakras.

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helping your mood

Carnelian is called the Joy Stone because it can help lift your spirits, easing that dull feeling of lethargy and it can help restore your motivation and enthusiasm when you're feeling down or just generally sluggish and out of sorts.

It can be a very useful crystal to wear if you are affected by SAD during the winter.

It can help strengthen your courage and motivation, helping you deal with depression and helping you make decisions when you can't see your way through things.

It is considered to help give you the kind of energy that you need to get you through the everyday pitfalls of life, helping you solve problems with logic and giving you the strength to follow your ideas and get the job done.

helping physically

Carnelian is also believed to help the connective tissues, which makes it a popular crystal for helping the healing of wounds, whether small scratches or surgery. This means that it can be helpful when recovering from an operation, helping with the physical recover as well as helping keep your spirits raised. It can also be helpful when you need to rebuild your energy when getting over an illness.

helping with breathing problems

Physically, carnelian is considered very helpful with the respiritory system, easing many types of breathing problems. This makes it a very popular crystal for those who suffer from asthma, all sorts of allergies, whether pets, hayfever, dust or any other allergen. It can be used to ease long term breathing problems or a summer cold with blocked sinisus.

helping with aches and pains

Carnelian is a very popular crystal when dealing with muscle and joint problems, whether it is a pulled muscle from being too enthusiastic in the gym (in which case, place or tape a piece of carnelian over the strain to ease it), or dealing with the everyday pain of arthritis.

From personal use, I know I find it very helpful with the muscle pains of M.E/CFS - I always wear a pendant of carnelian.

It can also be a useful crystal in helping ease menstral cramps, keep it close if you suffer from those horrible monthly pains. Having a piece in your pocket or wearing it in jewellery will help, but it's lovely if you can cuddle it against your stomach.

working with your carnelain

As with any healing crystal, you just need to keep it close to you, inside your energy field, which spreads to about arms length around your body.

Personally, I find it easiest to wear my healing crystals as jewellery - pendants, earrings, bracelets  which is why I design so many different pieces and styles, you have to be comfortable with a piece of jewellery if you are going to wear it, otherwise you'll leave it on the dressing table and it won't be able to help you! if you're looking for a particular style, just email me and I'll try and help.

 - but you can also keep a piece in you pocket, in front of you if you work at a desk, tucked into a chair you spend a lot of time in, or under your pillow as you sleep.

Just choose somewhere that you will find easy, so that you actually do keep your crystal close to you.

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