World War 2 Honours

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My father was in the RAF during world war two and was a flight sergeant attached to the number 1 parachute regiment.  He helped in the training of the Chindits and Ghurkers in Burma.  On leaving Burma to return to the UK, he was presented with two Ghurker cookries with skinning knives which are still in their original condition.

My father uis unfortunately in a nursing home now and unable to enjoy these honours.  We can not continue to aford to pay for his care and it has become necessary to seel these items in order to continue paying for his care.

I would be prepared to let them go for £1,000 plus package and post to a genuine collector, or to the highest bidder.  This is a genuine request for sale with genuine reasons and the sale is very much regretted, however, we need to continue supporting my father and need the money.

Is anyone interested and can anyone help...

John Price

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