World of Warcraft- warning, this is not just a game

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As some of you gamers out there may know, World of Warcraft, the most amazingly creative and time consuming MMORPG is more than just a game to many people across the globe.

I wanted to share with you the problems this game can arise paticularly in your life.

Firstly, for people who are still in school or have a full time / part time job or domestic goddes or a domestic god ( odd but im sure some exist ) i would advise you to leave this guide unmarked as it does not really apply so much to you.  However those of you who are sitting at home with nio job or on the dole need to read this.

This truly is an epic game and will go down as a legendary RPG in my books however this game will have more impact on you, not only as a gamer but your life as well as your social life. In all honesty in my own opinion this game is really all about the aquisition of armors / weapons and the goal above all else which is to be more recognized and better equipped that the person standing next to you.

However this game will certainly take over a huge  piece of the life pizza. It is HIGHLY addictive if you are a true RPG or gamer. It can lead to being the only thing in your life especially if you have no job and on the dole all day. I used to be on the dole myself so i speak from experience and it was all i would play all day everyday, it was taking over my life as well as my health since the world of warcraft has an incredible society and will make you strive to play until you are too tired to continue and need to sleep.

I broke free from this thankfully due to getting off my ass and being given a job at TESCO, which im sure all you out there in the UK know about, also i found myself a girlfriend and realized she was more important than my digital undead rogue on bladefist PVP server.

The reason this game is so addictive in my opinion is that there is a huge society in it as well as the world itself being very very large so exploring and questing will keep you entertained for days on end, it is the 2nd best game i have ever played in my life ( metal gear solid 1 will always be my fave ), anyhow those of you who are jobless may not realize it but the pursuit of aquiring amazing armors and weapons so you can flash them all to your guildmates as well as people on your server will become the only thing you care about eventually.

Not only is this game addictive but it will also lead players to spending money not only on the subscription but on game currency as well as all you WoW may know, this can im sure lead to spending eisily over £1000 on game currency in 6months - 1 year, wich in my opinion is for me too rediculous but happens a lot to many people due to how addictive this game is. Many peole have had damaged vision due to exessivley playing WoWers, colour blindness, blured vision, even dyslexia, however blizzard states and encourages you not to play the game exessivley so i am in no way blaming blizzard its simply the gamers own fault.

I truly love this game myself but i learned to break away from its addictivness, i log on now when im home from work because its sometimes nice to have a chat with guildmates or friends in the world after a hard days work, and also being able to raid with 40 of your friends wich i enjoy , I simply just want to warn you all of how addictive this game can be for you, especially i stress especially to those of you on the dole or jobless to introduce something else to your lifestlye other than world of warcraft.

If you are the sort of person who can balance your life and this game i congratulate you, because if you are a big gamer this is a hard task do acomplish.

I congratulate blizzard for creating this game as i am a  happily paying customer to their services for creating such a big and creative RPG.

One final note, some things are more important than WoW, there are more important things than digital mages,durids,rogues, shamans and woarlocks and so on and so forth, dont let it take too much of a hold on your life or it can lead to problems in your own life.

thank you for reading this.
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