Worlds Greatest Business - Mail Order & Direct Mail Pt2

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PLEASE FIND CHEQUE ENCLOSED’ - words you’ll read every day
as a mail order or direct mail specialist. Or postal order,
cash,  maybe international money order. Whatever form it
takes, this is a business that virtually guarantees cash
going into your bank account every time the postman calls.
Exciting to say the least!

Mail order is one of the most lucrative businesses of all,
having no doubt created more multi-million pound fortunes
than any  other. It’s a business almost anyone can operate
and make money from, regardless of capital, age, experience
or qualifications.

Mail order is also a business that can be started part-time
from a corner of home and grow to whatever size you wish.
The business can be operated locally, nationally, or
expanded to reach any and every other part of the world. It
really is up to you! Better still, mail order is a rapidly
expanding business with lots of room for newcomers. Let me
show you how to join them soon.

Start Small - Grow As Big As you Like!
Mail order is one of few businesses that can be started on
a kitchen table and grow into a multi-million pound empire
in a very short time. This unique feature of the mail order
business makes it an ideal ‘earn as you learn’ business,
allowing newcomers to venture as much time and capital as
they can afford on the business and later to splash out
into more expensive, more complex marketing methods.
However you look at it, mail order can make you rich. Maybe
very rich indeed!

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is the fastest
route to riches you’re ever likely to find, whether you
operate entirely by mail or use the postal services as a
means of expanding an existing retail business or other
selling operation.

The Two-Stage ‘Enquiry’ Method
Selling involves placing an advertisement, briefly
outlining the main features of what is on offer, and
inviting the reader to write to the advertiser for further
details. The dealer then sends out a sales circular for the
item or service concerned,  and in addition usually takes
the opportunity to include circulars relating to other
items available to the prospective customer.

A New, More Enjoyable Lifestyle!
Running your own successful business is so much more
enjoyable and exciting than working for someone else. You
make your own decisions, work where you like and when,
while also reaping all of the profits. Earnings are determined
purely by the amount of time and effort placed in your business,
explaining why mail order and direct mail are regarded by most
as the world’s greatest ‘numbers game’.

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