Worn small end bearings.

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Worn small end bearings.  Small end bearings are fed by oil splashed up from the sump or by direct oil feed from the crank oil supply.  By splash, the oil rebounds off the underside of the piston (cooling the piston in the process) and then drops into countersunk holes in the top of the connecting rods.  This lubes the bronze small end bushings by gravity (assuming the countersunk is not 'sludged').  Expect a repair in 500 miles or 10 hours of operation.  The other type of conrod is lubed by force-feed, where there is an oil-way drilled up through the connecting rod so the small end is force fed by oil coming through the crankshaft from the oil pump.  Expect repairs with RESTORE in under 20 miles or 30 minutes of running the engine.  We would recommend a flush just in case the conrod oil-ways are clogged up with black sludge, then add the RESTORE with new ordinary supermarket oil and a new filter and drive normally.

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