Worried about Fakes? Guess what,Sellers are too!

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Hi there!!
How can you be sure that the item you are buying is genuine? Its always a worry that a bargain is too good to be true especially in the world of designer fakes! Well guess what you are not the only one that worries.....

Before venturing in the world of designer clothes I was petrified that I would be ripped off by unscrupulous wholesalers who would sell me some poor imitations.More horrifying to me was the thought of unknowingly selling them on as the real deal,disappointing the customer and having my business ruined by poor feedback.So I have spent hours and hours trawling the internet,phoning contacts and reading up on the subject. Still I feel sick when a delivery arrives until I have checked the stock."Sold in good faith" is not a defence in the courts or Ebay.
  •  not all sellers of fakes are trying to rip you off,they might have been duped too!Genuine sellers will welcome you contacting them on suspected fakes.Remember in this country their stock can be seized and your intervention could potentially save them hundreds of pounds!
  •  remember some Stock although genuine may have the same imperfections that are sometimes found in big online department stores. Our wholesalers make mistakes too you know!Just contact the seller and they will either refund you or send a replacement.I still have a Fred Perry Pop polo shirt I do not feel comfortable selling.Its genuine but the laurel leaf is not what it should be so who would want that!I keep it to remind me to always check stock and not sell something i would not dare give to my husband!
  •  rate your purchase and provide feedback.Genuine Sellers need this to  ensure people feel confident in purchasing their products.Many people forget this and believe it or not until that feedback is received most sellers are on tender hooks waiting to see if the item was to the buyers satisfaction.
  • There are excellent guides out on the internet and e bay about how to spot fakes.Read them and go to see articles in the stores.One thing I would say however is that when things do get imported the labelling may be slightly different which you can always look up or contact your seller.What does not ever differ is logos and the quality of an item.They will always have an item number as well.

I hope this has helped in some way and shown that sellers have the same anxieties as  buyers sometimes!



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