Worthless Warranties

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Buyers should always be aware that PANASONIC MANUFACTURERS warrantys offered by emily&lily are not always valid in the UK. Recently I purchased a camera clearly described as guaranteed by Panasonic, only to find that the warranty is clearly marked "VALID IN USA ONLY". When questioned, the seller's answer was along the lines of; well if there is a problem we will give you an address to send it to. According to my local Panasonic dealer the warranty card I have been issued with is totally worthless outside of the USA, irrespective of what the seller says. 

Be careful and if in doubt ask the seller this question:

Is the manufacturers warranty you are offering with this product valid in full for the makers dealers/agents in UK/Europe.

If they reply that it is and you purchase the item, take the warranty to your local dealer and ASK THEM if they would honour it. If you subsequently find out they will not as its not valid..... thats fraud. 

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