Wouxun Chinese walkie talkies

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I have to date bought 4 of these and recommended them to others, who have been equally impressed.

I own both the VHF and UHF versions.

These little radios were purchased as I use handhelds professionally from time to time, and the quality of the items I was issued were at best variable.

Build quality wise, they are on par with any handhelds from the major manufacturers.

Sound is crisp and exceptionally clear, transmission distances are comparable to any other line of sight handheld.

The units are portable and the keypad is easy to use.

A perfect partner is a frequency finder as you can then manually input the desired frequency.

VHF units will work on  the amateur 2m band but be mindful of the fact that they can intrude on frequencies best avoided, even though most emergency services are now TETRA.

The chinese voice can be a little annoying at times , and the manual takes some getting used to, but , a little time and patience is all that is required.

I suggest getting the programming cable [you will need a USB R32 adapter] as channel programming off the unit is much easier than via the menus.

Wouxun have recently achieved type approval for this unit [the 689CE] , so, I suspect we will witness a concerted drive to extend their markets.

The time has never been better to get a fantastic radio for around £40.

UHF versions can be used as PMR`s on the 446 frequencies [ yes, their output is 4watts , not 0.5, but you are really highly unlikely to be caught !]

All in all, they are a very professional little radio, performance far exceeding their modest price.

Big name makes should be worried .



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