WowWee Alive Elvis

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I brought my wowwee elvis from a carboot it was new and unopened , so i went i purchased 8 new duracell high performance batterys as i know from past experiance of Woowee products you have to use good quality batterys, but i was very disapointed , it was nothing like what i had seen on the internet it barly moved and the mouth barly opened :(.

But being the curisous type i wanted to know why?, well after doing something research and reading the instruction manual , yes i know i should of done that first, but i,m a typical male LOL , i relized the batterys are just for use when using elvis as an external speaker for ipods /mp3 players and the like and not for the robot itself.

To get Elvis to work properly you have to use the included mains adaptor?, but there is no mains adaptor?, and the reason being is they were 110volt and no use in the UK so Woowee in there wisdom decided to remove the adaptor and instead put a little sticker on the outside of the box on the line of text thats says " mains adaptor " covering the word " included " to now say " not included ".

so now knowing the problem i investagted on the internet to find out what power supply this needs, well heres the rub it needs a 9volt which is common but the uncommon part is the 2.7amps " eekk" thats a high ampage, well searching around i ended up buying a power supply from " maplin " which is a multi voltage and controled ampage upto 3amps at a cost of £35, well once i pluged this in ensuring i had the polaity correct Elvis did come ALIVE :) , he now dose exactly what is shown on the internet.

so my Warning to all who are considering buying one of these , ask the seller if it comes with a UK power supply, if you already own one of these then do as i did and nip down to maplins :).

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