Writing an Auction description for Anything & postage

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Well sounds simple doesn't it. Just put in a basic description and your item is bound to sell....wrong!

Surprisingly there is a more than likely chance that your item is been sold elsewhere on ebay. So to try & have the best chance of selling your item AND getting the best price you need to do some research.

Type in what you are selling into the search box & hit enter. narrow it down to the correct catorgory and you will see others the same as yours (or if you have something special maybe yours is the only one!) Have a look to see what others are saying about their goods. Take note of very clear descriptions that give every possible scrap of information that can be given that will help the buyer decide to buy the item.

This can be anything from giving accurate measurements, to been clear about condition & pointing out noticable flaws (if you don't you could get a negative feedback comment & have to refund the goods) Also if an item has a special feature then highlight it, you can put it in bold or a different colour, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Also look at prices for completed listings you will see what other items have gone for. If yours is in better condition then maybe start your price at or near that price. Due to the starting price fees going down you may as well start slightly higher if you feel you would want to get a minimum amount without setting a reserve (which can put people off in any case)

So set your Title out with as much info, repeat the title as the heading and maybe expand it a little more if you have used shortened words in the title. Then compose your description using clear language & with good spelling, you would be suprised that this could make the difference in making a sale. Don't forget be honest and be friendly it will invariably help you sell an item.

Okay so you've got your description what to finish off with, well if your item & postage is going to be under £36 then offer free insurance. All you have to do is get the proof of postage from the PO & it's free. I'll go into further detail about insurance & claiming it from Royal Mail  on another guide. Offering free insurance helps give assurance to the buyer that even if the item goes missing then they are covered as well as yourself.

So lastly, postage & this is one of the most contentious issues on ebay, how much postage? Well some sellers will genorously only charge what the actual postage cost is & whilst this is attractive from a buyers point of view it can sometimes leave you out of pocket for each & every transaction you make. Just have a think about what the postage charge covers, it is your time & costs in sorting out the item for posting. This for some items could be just popping in an envelope so in reality if the postage cost is say a 39p 1st class stamp & your item was £3.00 charging another £2-3 is not really on, Anything from 0-50p would be acceptable.

Something that takes a bit of wrapping and you maybe had to buy some wrapping paper & tape even bubble wrap or maybe a jiffy bag then you can think about the actual cost of the packaging. Here is were you need to be careful. Do you charge for your time in wrapping the item or just the material cost or both plus maybe having to drive down to your post office & maybe queue. If it's an inexpensive item but takes a lot of packing make sure you add on all the costs & make a point of saying so in the description. This avoids a lot of the hassle later.

You might avoid paying fees on postage by setting it high and buyers will invariably set a total amount to spend but from experience sellers who set artificaially high postage costs put buyers off. it does me anyway.

Well I hope this goes someways to helping you.

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