Wychwood Ticket Buying Guide

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Wychwood Ticket Buying Guide

Have a fun experience with the entire family by attending the Wychwood festival. Shop, dance, and learn something new with the the hundreds of events and activities that the festival has to offer. Watch local up-and-coming talent along with headline acts perform onstage to the delight of everyone around. Located at the Cheltenham Racecourse, the festival has something to offer people of all ages. It is no wonder then that people look forward to the Wychwood festival every year.

People who wish to attend the Wychwood festival this year would do well to understand the different types of tickets that a person can purchase. Additionally, it is also helpful to get a quick background on the festival's history, popular attractions, and how to get to Cheltenham Racecourse. Last but not least, know the rules and regulations of the festival that should keep your Wychwood experience happy and stress-free.

Wychwood Festival Tickets

Wychwood offers a variety of tickets depending on the age, accommodation, and special requirements. There are generally five ways to classify festival goers: adults, disabled, ES40 holders, youth, 10 to 15 year olds, and children under 10 years old.

Persons with disabilities, ES40 status holders, students, and the elderly over 60 can request for concession rates by showing proof through documents showing one's proof of age, school, or status. Keep in mind that "Working Family Tax Credit" documents are not considered valid proof of ES40 status.

For those who plan on go on all three days, the weekend tickets are available for purchase. One can also buy tickets for specific days like Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Festival goers who plan to camp by setting up their tent or living in their vehicle should purchase additional passes for these.

Rules and Regulations

Below is a quick list of some of the general guidelines that govern ticket purchasing as well as the festival as a whole.

  1. While children under 10 years old can get into the festival for free, tickets for them must still be obtained.
  2. Children under 16 years old must be chaperoned by an adult ticket purchaser.
  3. People who plan on staying in campervans, caravans, or any live in vehicle must register themselves and pay for a separate pass.
  4. Tickets are non-replaceable and non-refundable.
  5. Except for guide dogs for persons with disability, animals are prohibited from the festival.
  6. Bonfires and any other type of open fires are not allowed in the Festival Village or the campsite.
  7. Food and drinks purchased from the outside may not be brought inside the festival village. However, these may be eaten on the campsite. Children with allergies may bring a reasonable amount of food from the campsite to the Festival Village.

These are just some of the festival guidelines to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment. Because these are subject to change at any time, it is best to consult the Wychwood organisers for their latest rules and regulations.

Overview of the Wychwood Festival

The Wychwood festival is known for being ultra-relaxed and family-friendly. Compared to larger festivals, Wychwood has a more intimate and laidback vibe. Since it was first held in 2005, Wychwood has been nominated for "Best Family Festival" award each year by the UK Festival Awards. The festival lasts for three days and has the capacity for 10,000 festival goers. Aside from having picturesque sights and great views, Wychwood also prides itself by being environmentally-conscious and striving to lower its carbon footprint.


Wychwood gets its name from the old forest that used to cover Oxfordshire. And just like the name, Wychwood attractions are certainly bewitching. The following is a list of attractions that families have come to expect from the festival year after year.



Main Stage

Located in main arena; largest stage; acts perform for 45 to 90 minutes; headline acts and local established arts play here

Big Top Stage

Seen under large tent; referred to as the second stage; offers world and folk music; has bar; turns into a Silent Disco where people have headphones that allow them to choose their dancing music

The Bar Stage

Situated in a tent; offers indie music and stand-up comedy performances; also has a bar; plenty of seating

New Internationalist Stage

Located in the Sycamore tent; offers poetry readings and spoken word artists; also features the Wychwood Slam

Little Arts Centre

Stationed in Hawthorne tent; showcases the local Gloucestershire arts scene; has cafe and art gallery; offers acoustic music, storytelling, battle of the bands, and cabaret

Willow Tent

Offers dance workshops such as breakdancing, samba, street dance, tango, copiera, and more

Oak Tent

Features yoga, poetry, puppet performances, poi, and positive food psychology lessons

Sycamore Tent

Provides singing, drum circles, beatboxing workshops, and many more musical workshops

Ash Tent

Gives crafts workshops for both children and adults like mosaics, kites, clay, stained glass, murals, and more; works are displayed during children's parade on Sunday afternoon

Meadow Stage

Has a variety of activities like yoga, exercise, trapeze, puppets, sculpture, balloon modelling, aerobics, and more; Roald Dahl museum offers storytelling of his popular stories; includes a library for kids under seven years old; includes food stalls

Global Bazaar

Offers a wide range of food stalls and bars with a variety of options

Choosing among the different attractions depends on individual preferences. The great thing about the Wychwood Festival is there is bound to be an activity that each member of the family should enjoy.

Camping Facilities

Wychwood allows families to drive their car onto the campsite for unpacking. Those worried about lugging bags of picnic food, clothes, and blankets should find that it takes very little effort to get set up. Because the campsite is the grass in the middle of a race track, the terrain is flat. It is also quiet at night because it is separate from the main festival area.

The campsite has several categories such as disabled camping, bespoke camping, quiet camping, and family camping, among others. These different categories have special services that help each group's particular needs. For instance, quiet camping is for those who wish to sleep early to get an early start for the next day. Bespoke camping is for those who wish to use a tipi tent, while family camping is for those who require special areas for children. Lastly, disabled camping has toilet facilities with easy wheelchair access.

As for toilets, the campsite has serviced toilets, showers, and water points. For those in need of a hot meal at night, there is a cafe and a convenience store. For security concerns, the Wychwood security tent is open 24 hours. Those who do not enjoy roughing it and camping may also avail themselves of accommodations like hotels and inns around the festival area.

Getting There

Wychwood is accessible by coach, train, bus, and car. The following table is a quick guide on how to get there using the various modes of transportation.

Mode of Travel



Travel through coach by riding the National Express to Cheltenham that brings its passengers to Royal Well Bus Station


Hop on a bus from the town centre that brings its passengers directly to the Cheltenham racecourse


Take a train to Cheltenham Spa from Bristol, Swindon, London Paddington, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Leeds, and Glasgow


Input GL50 4SH on the vehicle's sat-nav to get to the festival area; the Cheltenham racecourse can be found at junctions 10, 11, and 11a of the M5

With so many options available, getting to the Wychwood Festival is easy. Make sure to choose the one that is most comfortable for the entire family.

Shopping for Wychwood Tickets on eBay

As the festival dates gets closer and closer, tickets for Wychwood start being harder to find. Your best bet is to purchase it ahead of time from authorised sellers or on eBay. The great thing about buying these tickets on eBay is you can also do several things at once. For example, you can book your accommodations, rent a car, or purchase bus or train tickets. It is just a matter of typing what you need on the search field located on eBay's every page.

If you need tickets to this festival, for instance, type "Wychwood tickets" and press the search button. This should bring up product listings related to your search term. eBay also allows you to locate tickets that are sold below the normal price by giving you the option to sort the listings from lowest to highest. If you don't find Wychwood tickets on your first try, especially if the festival dates are still far away, you can create an eBay account and add it to your favourite searches. When a Wychwood ticket shows up in the database, eBay should send you a notification through your email address immediately.

When you are prepared to buy, it is better to err on the side of caution and evaluate the seller. Review the feedback score and make sure that it is not below 99 per cent. Read the product description carefully and ask questions before bidding for the ticket. While eBay makes it easy to match buyer and seller, it cannot help you if you do not do your own due diligence.


Since 2005, the Wychwood Festival has made a special place for itself  in the hearts of many family. Tickets for this fun family outing may be purchased from authorised sellers and on eBay. The prices of the tickets generally vary based on the age of the ticket holder. Concessions may be made for students, the unemployed, the elderly, and people with disability. Like many other festivals, the earlier the tickets are purchased, the cheaper they are.

The Wychwood festival boasts live music acts, stand-up comedy, spoken word, and over 100 workshops. For three days in a year, tents are pitched at Cheltenham Racecourse and thousands of people flock to this location. Many festival goers book their tickets, rentals, and accommodations for the Wychwood Festival on eBay. This online marketplace is a one-stop shop for any family's festival concerns.

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