X-Stream Crusader Classic 125 Europa Trading

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I would just like to say that I am not connected to Europa Trading in any way.

I purchased the Crusader Classic package (Lid, Jacket, Gloves, Assembly, Bike) a couple of months ago and have to say I am very happy with the product and service. The bike, helmet and jacket were delivered to me inside 7 days from ordering, the documentation and plates and road tax followed 5 days later.

The bike is actually called "Better" in China where it is made and that is what the manual says. It has been re-branded for the UK market.

The bike was ready to go and I have ridden it since. Sure, its not a Honda but for £600 all in then you can only find a very tatty old Mainstream Jap 125 for that money. I have an 06 plate New bike and this will serve me well during my CBT phase. I will probably get a 500 when I pass the test anyway.

My only quibble?? Insurance. Few companies will quote on it and those that do have inflated prices. I have looked all over and had to settle for the company that Europa recommend.

The people on the phones at Europa have always been friendly and helpful and have rung back when a call back has been needed.

This is just my own experience but thought it was fair to give you my personal experience on this.


Update July 2008 - I sold this bike some time ago and bought a Yamaha 535 Virago after passing my test.

The only problem I encountered with the bike was a faulty speedo which went as high as 40 mph then stopped showing higher speeds. After removing and replacing the cable from the back of the speedo it was fine again. I found the bike to be perfectly adequate and easy to ride. I'm not sure that Europa Trading are still trading though.

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