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Disclamer : By law you MUST own the original game disc if you are copying software, otherwise it is illegal.

This guide is not to show you how to burn Xbox 360 games (there are plenty of tutorials on the net) it applies to ALL dual layer burning, and is more to help you a little when choosing what blank media DVD DL dual layer discs to buy, and save you making tons of coasters as I have, which gets expensive.

Firstly I would like to dispel the ridiculous myth that only Verbatim disc's work for Xbox 360, it's absolute rubbish and here's why. Assuming you have a dual layer burner, the right software and have read a few tutorials on the net, you may be wondering why you are wasting disc's and making coasters. The main reason I found (the expensive way) is that not all blank media DVD DL disc's are compatible with all dual layer writers.

The first thing you should do before setting off is to update your writers firmware (usually found on the manufacturers web site) the next thing you should do before choosing a brand of disc is to check on the interweb what writers that particular brand of disc is compatible with, make sure that you are using the .dvd file to load your image and check with notepad that the .dvd file has the layerbreak included inside (unless you are using certain dedicated burning software that requires you to delete the layerbreak part) and finally burn at the lowest speed avalible to ensure a good, dark burn, and don't use discs and writer combinations that refuse to burn below X4 speed, your Xbox won't like them.

Even after updating the firmware for my writer, I was still making coasters, so I bought a different dual layer writer and that brought some success, but I found that both my NEC Optiarc and LG writers only worked with certain brand disc's (both expensive and dear ones). My advice is this, do your disc brand/writer compatibility homework, don't buy too many of the same brand of disc's to start with, keep a record of success rates with brands and your writer, avoid the really cheap and nasty disc's, because you will get erratic results and it ends up as false economy, and don't pay too much for your disc's, as the cheaper brands do work depending on your burner/writer.

Please do not contact me regarding burning problems, there is loads of info readily avalible on the net.

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