XJ9 Metal Detector By Treasure Hunter

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This is a cheap mass produced detector made for a number of companies not just treasure hunter. i bought one from a seller on ebay, after 5 months it had broke and i am waiting for him to replace some parts as the detector comes with a 5 year warranty but he wont do anything. (don't expect ebay to do anything)

The detector its self does work if you want to find scrap, this detector can not tell the difference between coins, cans, shotgun shells and random pieces of lead, this gets very annoying quickly. the manual has been written in Chinese then badly translated to English to add to the faults, reading this manual is very confusing.

This detector costs £75 to buy which is very cheap but i would never recommend it to anyone, i had used other cheap metal detectors as well as this one and they just don't work, if your starting out get something good like a garrett, c-scope, viking or one of the good makes, they may cost double or even triple but they wont break every couple of months and you wont have to dig up scrape constantly which really ruins metal detecting for you.

personly i am going to invest in a Garrett 150 or 250 ace which i should of done from the start.
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